May 25, 2022

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Psych Major analyzes the corpse husband’s handwriting and reveals interesting details

Corpse Husband recently had his handwriting analyzed by a psychology major.

Recently, Psychology Major Casey Victoria posted a video analyzing the corpse husband’s handwriting to reveal information about his personality.

As many readers already know, the corpse husband YouTuber is a horror story, he recently became popular because of the collaboration between us and the “deep, diverse” voice.

Although Growth, The corpse husband was able to maintain a spiritual sense around his personality. His fans have no idea what he is doing Looks like Like, and so far the face has not been exposed, despite the same promises.

Instead, fans were able to see the handwriting Reveal, Hair Strands Reveal and Hand Reveal. In this article, we examine Casey Victoria’s analysis on the handwriting of a corpse husband.

The Psychology Major reveals information about the personality of the corpse husband based on his handwriting

Casey Victoria is a psychology major who posts analytical videos about various Internet people. She recently posted a video analyzing Sicuno Body Language. As you can see in the video below, the analysis is very detailed and took the whole personality of Sikuno interesting.

Until Corpse husbandRegarding the handwriting of, Casey has many interesting observations to make. She says he applies a lot of stress during writing, which is a sign of discomfort and the presence of intense emotions in one’s life.

Also, she talked about his “messy letter appointment” and said the corpse husband would probably have a “constantly running” mind. She felt that he was working too hard to rest, which did not seem right.

The corpse husband, in the past, stated that he had anxiety problems, and that he had not been out of his house together for a few weeks.

Another aspect of his handwriting is that the corpse uses left-sided letters. According to the Psychology Major it is a sign of shyness and a reserved person.

Finally, she talked about how he did not connect his letters and said it was a sign of high intelligence. She also analyzed specific aspects of his handwriting, such as placing a “dot” above the letter “I” on the corpse. According to her it is a sign of detail or empathy.

Another point she made was the way he wrote “e”, and she said the corpse’s husband was probably always skeptical and “on the edge”.

Published 06 December 2020, 00:08 IST