March 28, 2023

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Xbox Series X is working to fix major launch issues

Xbox Series X is working to fix major launch issues

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on solutions to two major issues affecting the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. One of these issues is performance. The PS5 will trump the Xbox Series S in terms of power, but it is inferior to the Xbox Series X in this respect, at least on paper. However, most of these games are running better on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, the hardware is not wrong here, but the optimization. If this is the case then maybe Microsoft has offered to help fix the problem.

Speaking of time Official Xbox Podcast Hosted by Larry Hrib – Major Nelson of Xbox Live – Jason Ronald of Microsoft revealed that in some cases this performance could lead to bugs, or sometimes a lack of experience with the platform.

“A variety of problems can arise as developers begin to learn and take advantage of this platform.” Said Ronald. “In some cases, they’s just bugs in the captions – and we’ve shared them very closely, and the developers go in and fix those bugs because they’re committed to providing that premium experience just like us, in other cases, this next generation will learn how to use the platform.”

Elsewhere during the podcast, Ronald confirmed that problems were also being ironed out with a quick resume. Quick reboot is one of the most attractive features of the console, and it is the unanswered feature for the PS5. Not only does it support every game right now, since it was launched, it has not always worked as advertised. But again, Ronald Notes is making improvements in this regard.

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Of course, none of these issues can be solved by creating an update. Both are safe to back up, but most importantly the previous one, which continues to be an issue for the entire generation, but according to Ronald, Microsoft is doing everything possible to mitigate these issues.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available worldwide for $ 500 and US $ 300 USD, respectively. For more coverage on the console and all content – including all the latest news, rumors and leaks – click Here.

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