December 9, 2023

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Apple MagSafe Duo Charger Review [Hands-On]

Apple released its Magsafe Duo charger for sale this week, which includes the Magsafe Wireless Charger on the one hand and the Apple Watch Charger on the other.

Here is our quick review Apple’s Mag Safe Duo Charger, Priced at $ 169 CAD.

Mag Safe Duo Charger Haiku Review

Compact and well made
Thin and easy slideshow
The route is very expensive

Unboxing MagSafe duo

Inside the box, you will find Magsafe Duo Charger Lightning cable from short 1 meter (!) USB-C, standard safety and maintenance instructions, regulatory compliance information and unreadable warranty summary booklets. You will not receive stickers. Also, the AC adapter is not included!

Magsaysay duo4

Yes, that is true paying 169 CAD, You need to buy your own AC power adapter -WW for wireless charging up to 20W either. If you want to charge up to 14W faster, you will need a USB-C adapter of 27W or higher.

Magsaysay duo5

The Magsafe and Apple Watch charger has a plastic wrap on both the front and back, which allows you to charge your watch on its side.

Construction quality of Magsaysay duo Does not look good and cheap. It’s well made and it’s very light – which means it’s easy to slip on surfaces and the unit lifts when you remove your iPhone from the MagSafe.

Magsaysay duo7

You can fold Magsaysay duo In half and it is compact enough to fit in your pocket. I can see this being useful for those who want a smaller charger for travel (What is it? # 2020), But at 9 169 CAD, other options are available if you spend a little more Nomad Base Station Pro with Apple Watch Charger Mount, Priced at $ 199 USD, can charge up to 3 devices wirelessly.

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As mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch charger looks solid, durable and upscale:

Magsaysay duo8

There is a shiny steel (?) Arm that connects to the Apple Watch charger:

The Magsaysay duo9

Here is the side view of the Lightning port on the back Magsaysay duo, Which is on the back of the Apple Watch charger. The Magsafe Duo can be folded in half like a book with a Magssef on one side and an Apple Watch on the other.

Magsaysay duo10

Here’s how it works IPhone 12 Pro Max And the Apple Watch sits flat charging:

Magsaysay duo1

Here is the Apple Watch charging on its side:

Magsaysay duo2

I haven’t done extensive charging tests at this point, but wireless charging with MagSafe can only go up to 14W for the iPhone — that is, if you have an AC adapter of 27W or more. Be sure to place your iPhone for Magsafe if you are using it Third party case from Spigen, For example. Honestly, I’m not a fan of wireless charging yet. It is still very slow and it is useless if you want to use and charge your phone before bed.

If you look at Jeff Benjamin Magsaysay duo review 9to5Mac, He noted that wireless charging towards the MagSafe and Apple Watch will slowly decrease to a solo iPhone charge if you charge both at the same time. Crickety.

The end

Magsaysay duo Looks well built but at a price of 9 169 CAD Without AC adapter ($ 129 homepod mini includes AC adapter!), This thing is overpriced. You will need at least 2 meters of USB-C from the lightning cable ($ 45 CAD from Apple) as some bedside tables are away from electrical outlets.

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A 20W Apple AC adapter costs C 25 CAD, but if you want a maximum 14W iPhone charging speed, you’ll have to spend $ 59 for a 30W AC adapter from Apple. It is priced above $ 169, plus an additional $ 84 for total $ 253 CAD plus taxes (3 283.36 in BC). This is silly, and we can’t recommend it.

But if you have the money to burnClick here to buy the Mag Safe Duo Charger for Mag 169 on, Moneybags.

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