March 31, 2023

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Black Panther’s Letitia Right deletes social media accounts

Black Panther's Letitia Right deletes social media accounts

Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright
Photo: Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

On Thursday, Black leopardLetitia Wright shared an hour-long video on Twitter about the dangers of vaccines, especially the COVID-19 vaccines that work, especially from those who say they are not a doctor and do not understand vaccines. When Wright’s followers denounced her for spreading dangerous misinformation in the midst of the global pandemic, she laughed at the tweet about being fired for trying to “ask questions” and “think about yourself” rather than “in line with popularity.” Views. “She has doubled down on her new anti-Vox personality, responding to critics of her post and liking tweets calling for her removal from the future. Black leopard Movies.

After that, Wright finally apologized for sharing the video in the first place, taking full ownership of her decision to do so and accepting responsibility. Actually, no, in fact she did not. Instead, she was asked to talk about how the video made her anxious about her “intention not to hurt anyone” and “what the vaccine contains and what we keep in our body” (although, again, it was made by a non-doctor and someone who did not know how the vaccine works Has been done). Now, Wright took the next logical step after being fucked on social media and posting an apology by deleting her entire social media presence.

It comes from Variety, Links to her Twitter page are now dead (with searches for her name “this account does not exist) and her Instagram account has also been deleted. At the same time, the dubious video was removed from YouTube — because it contained malicious misinformation about the global pandemic and some “transcendental comments,” but who knew. It remains to be seen if Disney will react in any way in this regard Wright is set to play a major role in future Marvel movies, But the company has not yet said anything about Gina Carrano’s Twitter page (or her parlor page for that matter).

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