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The detainee chef dines with hotel room equipment, returning from Gordon Ramsay

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Updated: December 7, 2020 11:02:05 AM

This video is the latest in a series of #Ram‌s React series where popular chefs review dishes.

A young chef has become an internet sensation for cooking meals with some basic hotel room equipment while detained in Canada. Now, Hell’s Kitchen Fame’s leading chef Gordon Ramsay has also responded to his video, praising his resources.

Cornishman Jago Randills, 23, became a tic-tac-toe star for his videos in which he creates restaurant-level gourmet meals using the electrical equipment available in his room. Named the “Isolation Kitchen” series he cooked some amazing spread sans oven or gas stove – just using a coffee maker and a steam iron!

With his videos having millions of likes and views on the platform, one of them even caught the attention of the hardest-to-please Chef Gordon Ramsey.

The multi-Michelin stars chef, in a duet video he called “DYI Room Service”: “It looks better than many of the dishes I’ve made in hotels!”

When the randles boiled an egg and then boiled the asparagus in a coffee percolator, as well as with the chicken breast on the iron, it started with the stone asking the chef of Hell Kitchen to add salt. However, as it was developing, Ramsay heard in the video: “To be honest it’s like some good food, definitely the best food I’ve ever seen in any hotel.”

His meal was not just egg on toast or cup noodles, but gastronomic treats including rice vermicelli and salmon with boiled bok choy and ‘sauce wide’ bacon wrapped chicken with ‘mushroom cream sauce’! He also makes cream broiler using a small whip.

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According to Cornwall Live, The young man was detained for two weeks at the Geck Granville Suites Hotel in Vancouver after arriving in Canada to cook at a mountain resort in Whistler, British Columbia.

The hotel also shared a lot of Randall’s “creative meals” on their Instagram page and added: “We really have kitchen suites with stovetops, so you don’t have to use an iron and coffee maker to cook your food”.

“I’m in the hotel room and ‘What if I try to cook bacon on an iron?’ Because I want a bacon sandwich, ”he said Food for today How it all started. Randalls said he started the series because he was so bored of being detained for two weeks alone.

“Most of the time I’m thinking about what I like to eat or what I can cook later and cook well on the iron, because there’s nothing terrible for me to do other than watch TV. To be honest, it gave me a lot of fun,” he added.

Although Randall’s meal seemed very tasty and delicious, not everyone was impressed with his efforts. Although randells are used to protect appliances using baking parchment, foil and wrap, many people are concerned about hygiene issues.

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