May 17, 2022

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His vaccine leadership will only succeed in Trump’s Operation Warped Reality | Donald Trump

Donald Trump left office exactly how he entered: catastrophically clueless on how his own government and country would function.

After being caught up with much of the historic pandemic in his final year, you might think the lucky and helpless resident of the Oval Office has gained quite a bit of experience.

But not. Here we are, on the verge of making a new vaccine, and soon the former president will not be able to get his head around the job.

This extraordinary success of Global Science seems to have overwhelmed not only the novel coronavirus, but also the lifespan of game-acting with a big mouth by a short-lived property developer.

Trump ran for office in the role of a successful businessman he played in The Apprentice. He ran for re-election in the role of a successful steward of the economy. So far, people playing political pundits on TV say Trump has some magical powers of stagecraft that have mesmerized the masses.

But his constant tweeting aside, there is no theatrical or business genius at work. Trump relied on his TV producers – Mark Burnett for NBC or Roger Isles for Fox News – to make his performance semi-consistent.

In his last days at the White House, the business executive’s Trump House trope was running a business like the White House. Similar to the election lawsuits he filed Elite Strike Force Part time lawyers and full time griffers.

After throwing billions of dollars at his Operation Warp Speed, you can be sure that our own board room genius will save every last drop of vaccine in the lockbox. If so, you’ll be wrong again.

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For some reason, this starship was chosen by Enterprise Do not buy Although the company will provide them by the spring of next year, the 100m dose of the successful Pfizer vaccine. The United States, which travels slower than warp speeds, will now have to wait until the summer for higher doses of the single vaccine approved by the FDA.

It is generally considered a political disaster that mortifies an elected official or policy maker. But a long time ago this president was exposed to a rare viral infection that chemically neutralizes any sense of public shame or personal responsibility.

So he held a “vaccination summit” with his own supporters and staff at the White House on Tuesday, where he signed an executive order trying to stop all those vaccines from fleeing the country. Think of it as a vaccine wall along the southern border of the Trump brain.

“My administration has provided a total of b14 billion – a long time in advance – to accelerate vaccine development and prepare all the top candidates in advance,” he said. “As a result of this unprecedented investment, we are very proud that both Pfizer and Modernna have announced that their vaccines are approximately 95% effective.

Trump’s predictions on vaccine efficacy have proven to be clinically infinitely smaller. Never mind that Pfizer did not develop its vaccine Funding From Operation Warp Speed. Both Pfizer and Moderna are okay Rejected To show up to the “vaccine peak”.

These are the last days of Trump and after four years of Operation Mind Warp it is hard to adjust our general perceptions.

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“But it’s not unbelievable,” the commander continued – no, the Creator – of space power. “And it will end the epidemic. This will end the epidemic. And we are working with other countries. As you can really see by looking at your screen today, we are also working very closely with other countries to bring vaccines to other countries. And that is very important. We work with the world. We are working with the world. We have great companies and we work with the world. ”

Without skipping a beat, or shooting a single synopsis, he continues to describe the executive order he will sign to ensure that vaccines do not go to other countries. Screw the rest of the world.

“In a few minutes, I will sign an executive order to ensure that the United States government prioritizes the immunization of American citizens before sending it to other countries.”

It is easy to lose these kinds of interruptions in power in real time. There were some rewards before Tuesday that not all parts of the Trump ship could travel at the speed of light. Or even sound.

For starters, Operation Warp Speed’s chief science adviser told ABC News that he had no clue about the executive order. “Frankly I don’t know and apparently I stay away from this,” Monsieur Sloy said. “I can’t comment.”

“Don’t you know?” Asked Apparently unbelievable George Stefanopoulos.

“I don’t know the original,” said the chief science adviser.

Shortly afterwards came a statement from Robert O’Brien, Trump’s national security adviser, not from those involved in health care or vaccines.

“President Trump has no greater priority than protecting our country, and in taking this action, he is ensuring the health of our citizens, strengthening our economy and enhancing our national security,” he wrote. “Today’s action is only possible with the strong and decisive leadership of President Trump.”

How true. There is strong and decisive leadership that promises that the epidemic will disappear like a miracle. The country has a strong and decisive leadership that suggests injecting with bleach or shining a bright light on the virus.

Now there is a strong and decisive leadership that has spent b 14 billion for adequate vaccinations. The same strong and decisive leadership, when trying to cover up a huge backlash with the executive order first shouting at America, was bought by the rest of the world first.

Tell me what you like about the captain on the bridge, but he’s going bold.