May 19, 2022

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The State Department watchdog has resigned after Pompey filed a lawsuit against his wife’s travel report

The State Department watchdog has resigned after Pompey filed a lawsuit against his wife's travel report

Klimo announced his departure on the same day that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s faction responded to the Inspector General’s report on the investigation into Secretary – General Susan’s travel.

The Independent Watchdog found that the majority of Susan Pompey’s trips over a two-year period took place without written permission from the State Department, although her visits were considered official travel and paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

The Inspector General created the investigation while Pompey and his wife were in the State Department, and the Secretary of State examined President Donald Trump for asking President Donald Trump to shoot the Inspector General who was examining the use of taxpayer resources in an ancient U.S. cabinet agency.

The Office of the Special Counsel, an independent federal investigative agency, is also prosecuting the top American diplomat for violating federal law prohibiting federal employees from participating in political activities while on duty. And Pompeii will raise the concerns of Navy lawyers in 2018 with a request for military housing that raises “real, legal, financial and moral issues”.

Pompey refused to sit down for interviews with the Inspector General’s office and was baffled when asked publicly about supervision.

Klimov, who took over as acting inspector general in late August, cited a vacancy reform law that would allow officers to work in acting capacity for 210 days after the vacancies were announced, citing a source close to the memo as a known reason for his departure.

Klimo is the U.S. ambassador to Turkmenistan and continued in that role while he was in the office of Inspector General. Sources said that part of his plan to leave now is to try to re-lead the US Embassy in Ashgabat.

The Report The Klimov office, which was released to Congress on Thursday, found that Susan Pompey had made eight official visits from April 2018 to April 2020, but only two of them contained written documentation of approval. Brian Bulato, under-management secretary and friend of Mike Pompey since he was at West Point, told investigators he had given a verbal sign-off for the rest of the trip.

The Office of the Inspector General did not recommend that anyone be fired or face fines as a result of its results, although they suggested that the department obtain written permission for future travel by family members.

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A source in the Inspector General’s Office told CNN that no fine was recommended because it did not violate the law or the statute, but only the recommendation made by the legal adviser. In such cases, the OIG has traditionally given the State Department some space to make its own decision.


Pompeo gave a blistering response via a statement from his spokesman’s office, alleging that he and his wife were “completely substantiated by the unsubstantiated claims actually reported by Democrats and the media.” The statement added that “no mistake was made by the Secretary of State, his spouse or family or the State Department. OIG wasted time and taxpayer resources on this report.”

Thursday’s report was the latest in an OIG investigation into probes examining whether Pompeii was abusing taxpayers’ dollars, whether the couple was running their dog, taking dry cleaning, sending personal cards and making dinner reservations.

Inspector General Steve Linck is investigating at least five incidents in the State Department when Pompey asked Trump to open fire on him. Deleted in May 2020, Linick is one of several independent government watchdogs made by Jettison without Trump’s explanation.

Pompeo has repeatedly denied that Linic’s expulsion was retaliation, but defended his push to be removed by Linic. Telling reporters Although he declined to elaborate on his argument, he said it “should have been done some time ago”.
Source says Pompeo's wife sent an email to State Department staff asking for help with personal Christmas cards
Under Linick, OIG also examined whether rules were violated when Pompeo declared a state of emergency last year, which allowed the administration to rapidly track arms sales of $ 8 billion to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for war in Yemen despite congressional objections.

A Congress aide told CNN that Pompey refused to sit down for an interview with the Inspector General’s office as part of the investigation.

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The State OIG is still investigating the misuse of Pompeo State Department resources.

In place of Linick, Stephen Accord, a friend of Vice President Mike Pence, took office within three months Retirement. No explanation given.

Susan Pompey is under investigation by the Inspector General for past sending her personal family Christmas cards to State Department staff. She provoked complaints from the State Department for demands placed on her staff during the tours. Pompeo justified his existence by calling her a “force multiplier” who could reach out to tasks he did not have time for, including meeting with medical officers and touring housing.

In May, Pompeo investigated his wife on Fox News, saying, “The fact that they are choosing my wife, a young volunteer who works to improve the lives of every officer in the State Department, I am miserable and sad.”

Thursday’s report on the investigation into Susan Pompey’s trip was the result of a whistleblower complaint.

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When a trip is considered an official trip, also known as a representative trip, the government pays for it. Otherwise, any unauthorized passengers on those flights will have to pay back to the government.

“For family travel that is considered representative, the family member does not have to pay the government for the flight (s), but he or she will receive substantial travel assistance from the department at no cost, including the provision of a regulatory officer. .

“To ensure that the department has adequate documentation for internal control and record keeping purposes, the OIG recommends that the Secretariat obtain written approval for all representative travels and obtain a Management Undersecretary or other official official document. Approval for all representative travels by any family member,” the report said.

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Pompey and his wife, also known as Madison Dinners, have also been criticized for using government resources to host CEOs, GOP donors, Conservative reporters and some foreign diplomats. They will be seen as dinners to build Pompeo’s network and donor base, and will not be seen as dinners focused on foreign policy, State Department officials involved in the plan told CNN.