March 31, 2023

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The Wisconsin High Court will hold a rare weekend meeting to challenge Trump’s election – national

The Wisconsin High Court will hold a rare weekend meeting to challenge Trump's election - national

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin is set to meet on a rare weekend Saturday to consider the U.S. president Donald Trump Suit seeking to manipulate him Loss To the Democrat Joe Biden In battlefield condition.

At Trump’s urgent request, the High Court on Friday agreed to take up the case, shortly after a state judge ruled against him and with the Electoral College vote declining on Monday and the state’s 10 election votes to go to Biden.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a Texas-led attempt to overturn the election results for Trump

The court is governed by conservatives 4-3, but its willingness to take up the case is not necessarily an indicator of how it is governed. The court has previously refused to hear the case before lower courts, and a majority of judges have publicly questioned whether the compensation Trump wants is appropriate.

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Trump has called for the disqualification of 221,000 ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties, the largest Democratic counties in the state. He wanted absentee ballots to be declared ineligible at the outset and in person, saying there was no proper written request for ballots; Absentee ballots cast by persons specifying “indefinitely restricted” status; Absentee ballots collected by poll workers in Madison parks; And absentee ballots filled by clerks with missing information on ballot envelopes.

Click to play video 'US election: Trump digs up false claims against results and posts video'

US election: Trump posted a video digging into false arguments against the results

US election: Trump posted a video digging up false arguments against the results – December 2, 2020

The circuit judge ruled Friday that Trump’s claims had no merit and that state law was followed during the election, which should be explained later.

Biden won Wisconsin by nearly 20,600 votes, a 0.6% margin that could withstand Trump’s recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties. Trump did not challenge the ballots cast in the counties he won.

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Trump’s election lawsuit denied by Wisconsin High Court

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Trump and his allies have suffered dozens of defeats in Wisconsin and across the country, relying on unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud and electoral fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday evening rejected a Texas lawsuit seeking to validate Biden’s victory by throwing millions of votes in four battlefield states, including Wisconsin.

A Trump-appointed federal judge in Wisconsin on Thursday said the president’s lawsuit was “unbelievable”, “strange” and “very odd” and that manipulating the results was “the greatest judgment in the history of this court or federal judiciary.” ”

U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig’s verdict is pending.

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