May 24, 2022

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Toronto asks governments to exempt Santa from travel restrictions

Toronto asks governments to exempt Santa from travel restrictions

Toronto – Toronto is looking to see it officially – Santa Claus should be considered an important service and should not be subject to any travel restrictions when Christmas Eve arrives.

A motion to be presented at a city council meeting on Wednesday urges the Ontario government to consider Santa Claus as an important service and calls on the federal government to keep the man red, with an exemption from all compulsory actions, including his reindeer.

“As other countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Belgium and Australia are already taking steps to exempt Santa from COVID-19 related restrictions, governments in Canada must also take steps to reassure Canadian children that, despite the current epidemic, Santa can still visit Canadian homes and spirit ” Motion reads.

Motion says that if Santa is naughty and violates other rules, his red suit, beard, cherry nose, distinctive smile and reindeer can easily spot him.

“Holly, jingle bells, cup merriment, mistletoe, candy cane, pine trees, agnag, sparkling lights and other elements of Christmas cornucopia give us some uletide joy as we face the coming winter, but they, alas, come up short without Santa’s magic.”

Toronto is not the only city that works to ensure that Santa can visit children during the Christmas festivities.

Ottawa recently offered Santa Claus TiniHe was given the green light to visit the city, But he still stressed the need to stay away from other people physically.

“Mr. Claus advised us that he has experience of keeping his distance from others,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said on Twitter.

Back in April, when the province was caught up with the first wave of the pandemic, Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued Official statement Easter Bunny said it would be considered an “emergency service provider” with the authority to “provide Easter chocolate, candy and related treats to Ontario children.”

Time will tell if Santa Claus will be given the same observation.

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