March 28, 2023

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Woman accused of driving a car into a crowd of New York protesters | US News

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A woman was arrested Driving The New York Police Department (NYPD) said her car injured six people in a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

A group of protesters took to the streets in protest of federal immigration officials detaining people, especially in New Jersey to highlight a group of prisoners who went on a hunger strike during the federal detention of immigration and customs enforcement (IS).

The car was charged in front of a horrific, lightning-fast scene of eyewitnesses who said protesters were sent “flying” and people were screaming and running in fear.

The woman in the car, Kathleen Casillo, was negligently involved in the accident. Casillo, 52, was released early Saturday morning and will appear in court on Feb. 22, officials said.

The NYPD said it received a 911 call at 4.08pm that it had “hit multiple pedestrians” at the intersection of 39th Street and Third Avenue in the vicinity of Murray Hill, east of Manhattan’s Midtown.

When officers arrived at the scene, they encountered injured pedestrians, whom they described as “conscious and alert on the road.” Pedestrians on the street to protest, struck a preliminary police investigation found that the police were doing them.

Accounts posted on social media recalled the horrific scene. 2019 black BMW sedan, described by the police that the car then, suddenly surrounded the protesters to break into public appearance – the people and the bikes had to be demolished.

A video showed a small group of protesters gathering as they slowly gathered around the sedan, with a man leaning towards the front of a car driving in Castle.

Then the car suddenly sped off, overtaking those who had blocked it, as well as those in the intersection advancing several yards away.

Video taken from the other side shows people fleeing, a man falling while passing by a sedan. According to the Reuters news agency, there are about 50 people in the group.

Signs of protest appear after a car rocks multiple people during a protest rally on December 11, 2020 in New York City.

Signs of protest appear after a car rocks multiple people during a protest rally on December 11, 2020 in New York City. Photo: Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Tom Ella, who recorded one of the videos showing the incident, said he heard the engine roar and then saw the car speed up.

“Seeing them really hit people, it’s painful, it’s horrible,” he commented.

Said Christian Ressegui of Manhattan New York Times The group chanted “Release them all, release them now” about the Ice prisoners who heard a vehicle rushing behind him. Suddenly, he realizes that the demonstrators are scattered in the square.

“I saw lasertions, broken bones,” he said. Rescegui said cyclists managing traffic control during the protest were the most affected by the accident.

Immigration prisoners in many places Resorted to To highlight their plight and to initiate fasting for better conditions, human rights representation and exercise before and after release in accordance with U.S. and international law. They protest that there is a risk of coronavirus infection when detained.

Sofia Wickerman, of Denver, Colorado, reportedly threw people and bicycles into the air when the car hit a crowd.

“I heard people screaming in front of me, I was looking behind me, the woman was plowing,” Wickerman, who was part of the protest, said. “I see bodies flying.”

Wickerman said the protest began in Times Square and was intended to bring to the attention of several immigration prisoners in New Jersey who are on hunger strike.

The Reuters photographer in attendance confirmed that the protest was organized in solidarity with nine unregistered people at Ice. The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the hunger strike.

This incident is very much in between these New York City protesters and vehicles have been protesting against systemic racism, police brutality and racist government policies in the US since late spring.

In May, two NYPD patrol cars crashed into a group of protesters in Brooklyn. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed concern about the incident, but the Times reported that it would be used forcibly according to the context.

About a week later, a man was arrested in Brooklyn on charges of driving at least one person when cyclists gathered around his car.

In July, an SUV on 42nd Street hit protesters on a bicycle. The driver was not arrested or charged Gothamist.

In September, a protester drove a car into a group of BLM protesters in Times Square. The driver did not even face charges.

Similar incidents have taken place between protesters and cars elsewhere in the US since the BLM protests began. Between May 27 and September 5, there were at least 104.

Ninety-six civilian drivers and eight law enforcement officers, USA Today Reported quoting anti-terrorism investigator data.

Researcher, Ari Weil, Said CNN found that there was malicious intent in 43 such incidents. Weil believes Internet memes have celebrated and instigated these attacks.

Following Friday’s incident, the NYPD also arrested a protester, Nicole El Besuden, on charges of obstructing and misbehaving with the government.

They allege that Besuden interfered with paramedics while attempting to provide medical treatment.

Casillo was not immediately reached at the three phone numbers associated with her name.

It is unclear whether she has a lawyer. In another case, a lawyer representing Besuden did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

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