March 21, 2023

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Fall Guys: The tundra run awaits players in season 3

Fall Guys: The tundra run awaits players in season 3

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout War Royale is a strange addition to the list. The game madness is especially popular in an epidemic situation. Talking for a while about the upcoming season of Mediatonic game, finally, we have some news about it.

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Game level designer, JJ Jason, recently spoke with IGN about the upcoming season, which is the third, and has provided us with some valuable insight into what is happening.

Jason said the upcoming season will have a winter theme and will have 7 new levels in the game. One of the levels known as the tundra run is the highlight of what is new this season.

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Fall Guys: Find out what awaits you at the “Tundra Run” level of Ultimate Knockout Season 3

According to IGN data, the tundra run level can be completed in a number of ways. Level director Jason says that this level has the right confusion, and from what we collect from the trailer, the level can also be very difficult. In short, it awaits you on the tundra run:

  • You have to climb a narrow, chicaning hill to prevent snowballs from rising from the cannon.
  • Go through a set of prizes for Fire Giant Boxing Gloves. To avoid this, you need to turn around the narrow ledges behind them.
  • Climb the steep hill and help the fan.
  • Players must cross a set of boxing glove prizes or snow-covered, obstacle-filled paths to turn around.
  • Climb up the hill covered with flippers that will shoot you back through the track. In addition, the moving fan pushes you back.
  • Use a set of flippers to reach the small floating flippers, which also include flippers that will send you to the finish line.
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Well, the 3rd season of Fall Guys seems to be on the verge of us, because the mediatonic level is so bursting with design!