March 30, 2023

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Fans forget about taking their knees and crashing into each other in hysterics as Premier League football aces (video) – RT Sport News

Fans forget about taking their knees and crashing into each other in hysterics as Premier League football aces (video) - RT Sport News

Spurs hotshot Son Hyung-Min and Crystal Palace striker Christian Benteke forgot to make the gesture and it was “ridiculous” for fans to take the match before their knees as they charged each other at the start of the match.

Belgium forward Benteke and the Sun, the second top scorer in the Premier League, as the referee blew his whistle in a gesture of a knee before the match between Tottenham and Palace at Selhurst Park on Sunday.

Assuming the game had begun, Benteke immediately responded by attempting to move towards the goal-scoring position and attempting to block his path.

The confused duo then realized that the rest of the players were on their knees when the whistle was heard, trying to atone for their mistake by drowning in turf.

Unfortunately, for Benteke, the 6ft 2in target man was then halfway through the opposition, unwittingly trying to get him back onto his own territory in accordance with the rules at kick-off.

When his trouble improved him further and he realized that it was time for him to come back smoothly beyond the half line, Benteke Spurs bent slightly inside half, before his equally bored son.

The failure has not gone unnoticed in front of the first spectators allowed into Palace Stadium since the outbreak of Elite football began in England in March.

As the action of symbolism, which has been at the center of a growing controversy over the past week, took on a lighter air, some viewers laughed live, hereditary, and distrustful on television.

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“These are the highlights that drove its course,” A supporter on Twitter recalled that Liverpool striker Sadio Mane had previously focused more on football than the knee. “Action is needed now.”

When he ran into the opposition half before being kicked off at Everton’s Goodison Park in June, Mane became the first high – profile Premier League star to impress with his lines, enduring ab ridicule from fans for his hard work.

Manchester United’s Anthony Marshall also made a false start at the same stadium last month, hurrying to his starting position and blowing the whistle before backtracking.

In response to the deceptive outrage of those willing to insist on taking the knee, another observer replied: “Hopefully both will get a long ban – disgusting.”

Neither Benteke nor Sun mentioned the accident after the match, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

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