May 23, 2022

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Meghan Markle looks amazing on CNN

Meghan Markle looks amazing on CNN
Referring to Kovid-19 pandemic, The Duchess said last year that “individuals (who) stand up and ensure that the basic needs of our communities are met”, which she recognizes as “a universal challenge to all”.

“They made sure they didn’t feel lonely around,” she said on the show.

The Duchess and her husband Prince Harry left their senior royal roles in March As Kovid-19 spread around the world, they eventually moved to California.
Despite keeping a low profile, the couple continues to volunteer with several charities in the Los Angeles area. In April, They provided meals to LA residents through Project Angel Food, Which helps to feed chronic illness.

Speaking on the CNN Heroes Special, the Duchess said, “In the wake of this devastating reality, we … have seen the power of the human soul and the great ways in which societies respond in times of challenge.”

“We saw the good in the people, in our neighbors and in the whole community, to tell them not to stand up when our neighbors are hungry,” she said.

For the past 14 years, CNN Heroes Honors everyday people who are committed to making the world a better place. Co-host Anderson Cooper of CNN And ABC’s Kelly Ripa, the annual CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute that usually airs live, but this year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was pre-taped.

Other prominent presenters include comedians Jim Gaffigan and Patten Oswalt, actresses Angela Bassett and Gal Gadot and special guests Dr. Anthony Fauci and Chef Jose Andres.

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