May 25, 2022

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COVID-19 Live Updates: News on December 14 on Coronavirus in Calgary

COVID-19 Live Updates: News on December 14 on Coronavirus in Calgary

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Funeral homes are implementing their own measures to protect staff from COVID-19 and to prepare for increasing deaths.

Demand has already increased.

Teresa Jones, owner and director of funeral services at Choice Memorial Cremation and Funeral Services, said she maintains three cemeteries compared to the usual.

Jones divided his staff into two groups, alternating between seven consecutive days of work and seven days’ leave, to ensure that they were able to work despite having members contracted to COVID-19 in one group.

Her biggest fear is that someone on her staff will get sick.

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Tech support extends to students at risk amid online learning demands

Marilyn Field, executive director of Education Matters, is looking for technical support for risky students amid online learning demands in Calgary on Thursday, December 10, 2020. Photo by Darren Makovich / Postmedia

As alumni re-establish themselves in the regional-mandatory online practice, those without technical resources and support at home face interruptions and risk further lag, lawyers say.

As COVID-19 cases reach record levels across Alberta, educators are concerned that students will not return to classrooms after Christmas and barriers to their learning will continue to rise.

“When children are in school, there is equality. But when they are sent home, the inequality increases, ”said Jason Shilling, president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

“Going back online is not always ideal, students need to be in school with their teachers and learn together. Whether devices, or Wi-Fi, or other family members are competing for the same technology, we know from the spring that technology will not be available to most students. ”

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