March 31, 2023

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Jim Ross wanted to show WWE writers how to bring ‘their’ talent

Jim Ross wanted to show WWE writers how to bring 'their' talent

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently discussed the WWE Armageddon 2000 PPV Grilling JR Podcast. As always, Ross and Conrad Thompson go through things from that time frame, but sometimes conversations can be extensive.

Jim Ross was formerly Head of Talent Relations at WWE / later WWF. Ross was instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in WWE history. Sometimes, WWE writers want to work with someone, or, they want to see Vince McMahon on his television show.

Jim Ross at WWE Recruitment

“Bill Parcels once said to Bob Kraft in New England, ‘If you want me to cook a meal? You have to let me buy some groceries” Jim Ross begins the show, using many of his NFL and college football similarities.

“I think that’s what their theory is,” Ross continued, discussing WWE writers who had struggled to come up with storytelling ideas for people like Jerry Lynn, the man Ross mentioned in the post. “’We [the writers] We have to say who we bring. [That’s] In terms of size, and what they are going to do. ‘”

“Okay this will not shock you” JR continued. “They (the authors) kiss Vince’s ass even more by bringing those guys in Vince’s ‘eye test’. They may have the letter sh * t? They may not be trustworthy? We can get nothing. [crowd] Reaction from them but we know he (McMahon) was tattooed with wet hair like a 6’3, 6’4 bodybuilder. It’s the same these days. ”

Do you agree with Jim Ross? Can you think of something six feet tall WWE superstars with tattoos… ..? Let us know in the comments

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