June 7, 2023

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Winter storm warnings can be seen in parts of the state up to 1 foot of snow – CBS Baltimore

Winter storm warnings can be seen in parts of the state up to 1 foot of snow - CBS Baltimore

Baltimore (WJZ) – Watches and warnings were issued before the season’s first winter storm arrives Wednesday.

This is not a cut and dry type hint, but definitely exciting!

Winter storm clocks and warnings have been issued across Maryland. Credit: WJZ

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for the following counties from 7 a.m. Wednesday through Thursday morning: Allegany, Baltimore, Carroll, Garrett and Washington

Meanwhile, a Winter Storm Watch was issued for the following counties from 7 a.m. Wednesday to Thursday morning: along with the city of Baltimore – Sicily, Harford, Howard, Montgomery.

Timeline: When does it snow on Wednesday in Maryland?

When does the snow fall?

The first flakes should be moving by 2pm and a steady frost season will begin.

You can expect to see where you live when a winter storm hits Maryland on Wednesday. Credit: WJZ

However, from late afternoon to late Wednesday evening, warm winds will blow from the Atlantic and sleet, frost and rain will form in some parts of central Maryland.

Most areas begin and end with snow, and what happens in the meantime affects the amount of snow you see on Earth on Thursday morning.

Heavy snowfall occurs overnight.

How much snow does it take?

There are some uncertainties to the nail with the mixing scenario.

Exactly how much warm air pulls, how much the mixing line moves west and the duration of mixing. This has a major impact on total snowfall accumulation.

In some parts of the state (north and west) snow can be seen up to the bottom. The northern and western parts of the city expect 6 to 12 inches of snow anywhere. Baltimore City can be a total of 3-6 inches, with areas south and east of the city receiving the most rain, while some can see up to 3 inches of snow.

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Winter storm uncertainties. Credit: WJZ

After a period of transition to a winter mix, most areas turn back to ice as the temperature drops. Our thinking is important for the storm to reach the entire avalanche and affect the journey.

In addition, the low-pressure area is prone to cyclogenesis and becomes more windy.

Therefore, snow blowing and drifting can occur, especially in places that are cold enough to see snow throughout the entire storm event.

The storm will lead to more snow than the 2019-2020 winter; Officially, Baltimore saw less than two inches of snow last winter!

Baltimore city officials provided for residents With a few tips to prepare for the storm.

“I want to be very clear that this is not only our team, it is already ready and needs to be prepared. Baltimore residents should also plan ahead and get ready for the snow,” Scott said.

He called for “full cooperation” from residents to remove snow from city streets, urging everyone to be good neighbors.

Baltimore City can see snow Wednesday: What you need to know

“Dispose of your sidewalks, dispose of your neighbors’ sidewalks, especially seniors, there may be situations that prevent them from doing so,” Scott said.

Roads can be smooth and power outages and water major breaks can be a concern depending on where you live.

Authorities are asking Marylanders to carry water bottles, batteries and flashlights in hand.

WJZ’s weather team continues to track the storm. Stay up to date with this Latest reference By downloading WJZ Weather App.

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