December 5, 2023

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Joan Osaf opinion on Georgia Senate runoff election

Joan Osaf opinion on Georgia Senate runoff election

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Joan Ossaf is eager for a rematch with current GOP senator David Perdue on Jan. 5, despite winning more votes than Perdue in the November election, dropping less than half a point to win over Georgia Democrat Osaf. The result may be different in the runoff.

The general election was divided: Democrat Joe Biden won the state, but garnered more votes from Republicans across Georgia and two Senate races. The Republican running in the other race, Senator Kelly Loughfler, attracted fewer votes than the leading Democrat, Reverend Rafael Warnock, but she is running in 20 constituencies, and Doug Collins, the GOP spokeswoman with the third highest number of votes, won 20% of the vote.

In an interview with CBS News on Wednesday, Osaf acknowledged that he had received fewer votes than Joe Biden and that he had received more votes than President Trump, and hinted that the head-to-head race would be different.

“I got more votes than any other Georgia Democrat running statewide in the history of this state,” Osaf said, noting that “Georgia has become smaller and different every year over the past decade”.

Osaf said the plan, which Democrats targeted voters, was “tens of thousands of people eligible to vote because they turned 18 between November and January.” “We are vying for the moment to get record voting. We voted at a record level in November; we will do it again in January.”

Although voting in the Senate runoff is generally significantly lower because there is no presidential race on the ballot, Georgia’s pair of runoffs are different, as the two seats determine who will control the Senate when Mr Biden takes office. Voters and politicians, including Osaf, see the race as a joint ticket with Warnock.

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“What’s happening in Georgia is unique, and people do not believe it ten years ago – you were advised by John Lewis, a young Jewish immigrant, a member of Congress and a black preacher running alongside Dr. Instructor. King Pulpit at Ebenezer Church as the standard bearer in the races, ”Osaf said.

Ossaf always referred to Warnock in his stump speech and pointed out that Warnock was the church pastor taught by Martin Luther King Jr. He calls Warnock “the moral voice of our state, our country.”

“We are running well together and traveling in the state together,” he said. “We rallied with Biden, who was elected president yesterday. We are rallying in Savannah on Saturday.

CBS News asked all candidates for interviews. Lofler and Perdue did not respond to our requests.

Catherine Weiner and Kelly Johnstone contributed to this report.

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