June 7, 2023

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Tyler Oakley is taking a break from YouTube

Tyler Oakley is taking a break from YouTube

“It may take me a second.”

Tyler Oakley has basically been on YouTube forever. He has been making videos for 13 years and has gained over 7 million followers.

Gabe Ginsburg / Film Magic

That’s why I was so surprised when it was revealed in a recent video that Oakley is taking an indefinite break from YouTube.

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Tyler Oakley / YouTube / Via youtube.com

“I’m making this video today, I’m making videos every Tuesday afternoon for the year and uploading them to let you all know for years, years, years and years and years,” he said.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

“If you ‘ve been watching me since I was in college, I’m 18 when I started and I’m 31 now. So you can go back and find any single week in my life between those two dates and see what I’m doing.”

Cindy Ard / Getty Images for Airbnb

“I didn’t really take a break. Now it’s time for me to rest.”

Oakley said he was “working on some of the things I always wanted to do” and even if he didn’t know when he would be back on YouTube, the break would not be permanent.

Dia Deepasupil / Getty Images for the Tribeca Film Festival

“I’ll be back at some point,” he said. “But I’m not going to say when because I don’t know when and it will take me a second.”

“It’s not goodbye forever. I’ll see it in a second. All is well. Nothing bad in the worst way. Do not go and feel bad.”

Oakley encouraged followers to “push the little bell next to the subscriber button” and ended with a sign-off indicating when he would return:

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