February 23, 2024

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Wayne Gretzky, a senior OPP officer in eastern Ontario, faces charges of fraud linked to memories

Wayne Gretzky, a senior OPP officer in eastern Ontario, faces charges of fraud linked to memories

OTTAWA – Way Gretzky, a senior Ontario provincial police officer from eastern Ontario, is facing fraud charges after months of investigation into allegations that the hockey star’s father stole items from his home.

OPP spokesman Bill Dixon confirmed Tuesday night to CTV News Ottawa that June Dobson was one of the people charged after being arrested by police. Walter Gretz in Brantford, Camel, was charged with burglary. Dixon confirmed that Inspector Dobson was the detachment commander of the Grenville OPP.

According to a Brantford police media release Sent on Tuesday, the 58-year-old Oakville man was arrested and charged with more than $ 5,000 theft and more than $ 5,000 seizure. A 58-year-old Brockville woman has been arrested and charged with more than $ 5,000 in fraud and breach of trust.

Brantford police valued the goods at $ 500,000.

Dixon, however, said Dobson’s allegations came after new, unrelated evidence emerged.

“The charges against Inspector June Dobson are not related to a major burglary investigation. During the preliminary investigation, police found evidence unrelated to the preliminary investigation that a particular person is believed to have committed fraud with Gretzky’s memoirs,” Dixon said.

Dixon adds that while Inspector Dobson was on duty at the time of the alleged incidents, she was currently on unrelated leave.

Dixon said in a special email statement that Inspector Dobson was given a letter informing her that she would be suspended if she returned to work.

“The OPP Professional Standards Unit also opens an internal police services law investigation into misconduct,” Dixon said.

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In August, the Gretzky family contacted the Brantford Police Service to find that several sports memorabilia had not been found from Walter Gretzky’s home.

The RCMP and OPP assisted the Brantford Police Service during the three-month investigation. Brantford police did not immediately identify the culprits but said they were known to the Gretzky family.

Police say the investigation has allowed police to identify specific residences believed to be stolen property.

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