May 23, 2022

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Legal aid on taxes: Labim warns hotels will not “win”

Legal aid on taxes: Labim warns hotels will not "win"

Regis Labyum, outraged by the multiplication of appeals brought by hotels seeking to reduce their tax bill due to the epidemic, believes they have no chance of winning their case.

Newspaper Hotel Le Concord, Hotel Classic and four other hotels were added to the list of protesters on Thursday morning., Delta and after the Grand Times.

The owners of these companies, all severely affected by the health crisis, have applied to the Superior Court in the hope of getting a review on their property tax, or believe their building will be demolished in 2020. Not worth it anymore.

“Too bad for their image”

“First they won’t win. In the latter case, I think it’s too bad for their image, in the end, to pay citizens who have residences as a result, ”the Quebec mayor responded.

The snowball effect visually disrupts the Regis Labyrinth as the first request was filed by Delta.

“As the mayor of Quebec, on the one hand, when they ask me for help, at the same time, how do I want to act when they sue me for taking away my income? 70% of Quebec City’s revenue comes through taxes. This is paradoxical,” he dropped.

“By the way, when it’s a good year for hotels, because we invest so much in events here, they don’t think about suing us, do they? […] There is hatred about this, ”he added.

Avoiding “disaster”

Mr. LaBeouf confirms that all Quebec municipalities are “uniting” behind the Legalt government, which plans to adopt a legal narrative that could prevent hotels from triggering an epidemic to get their property taxes adjusted. Without it, the mayor fears a financial “disaster”.

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“This is not going to happen, otherwise it will confuse the economy of every city in Quebec. The impact is immense. [voudrait] Tell them our property tax system is no longer working. If a case law had to be created on this, it would be a disaster. We will never give up on this. “