March 28, 2023

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Snow removal: Increase profitability for technology

Selon Christian Messina, les producteurs qui font du déneigement devraient minimalement investir dans un site Web de qualité professionnelle. Photo : Archives / TCN

New technologies save snow plowing time and money. Investing in these, both small and large ice removal companies, is key to success. According to Christian Messina, the game is worth the candle.

“A snow plow with 100 clients can still handle everything by hand, but when you come up with 1000 clients, it takes tools,” the specialist consultant estimates. Depending on the technology chosen, snow plow operations and / or administration and customer service savings can be made.

Some applications provide a complete solution, such as software Folosoft, Others focus specifically on one topic.

Some companies, for example, have created a notification system by phone or text. The same is true in the case of Solutions Annexa or the Quebec company Lapel‌nez. Others provide aircraft maintenance solutions Iotab Or inRoute. Canadian Company Network radios Provides an alternative to traditional radio transmitters using cellular technology.

Marketing, a Must

While some invest thousands of dollars every year for new technology and digital marketing, others are reluctant to indulge in their already slim profits.

“Small businesses don’t care about marketing,” laments Messina. If you do not advertise, you will not lose the customer, so you will reduce your prices. With a little marketing, you will be able to stay more strategic in your search for customers. You get a quick return on your investment. According to experts, snow removal producers should at least invest in a professional quality website.

Lapelz: An affordable solution for small snow plows

A few years ago, Franకోois Cortమmanche’s father asked him to call him before he could get his snow plow so he could arrange himself to move his car. The founder, Mr. Courtmanche, replied that he could not afford automatic calling technology. Capturing the ball, Courtman decided to create an affordable system of automatic messaging: Lapel లాniz.

Snow Plow allows the app to automatically alert you about its arrival. It is available on iOS and Android for $ 4 per customer.

“The big advantage is that it completely eliminates customer calls during storms,” ​​said Franకోois Courtmanche, president and co-founder of the company.

Last year, twenty snow plows were invested in this technical solution.

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Folosoft: An all-in-one tool to increase productivity

With Folosoft, it is possible to visualize and optimize snow clearing routes. This allows the operator to better follow his snow clearing routes and eliminate oversights. Photo: Courtesy of Folosoft

Folosoft is software designed specifically for snow removal. This simplifies the administrative management and operations of snow removal companies.

“Our software is a real CRM (Management of customer relations), He takes care of everything that surrounds the relationship with the client, ”said Folosoft, Director of Operations at Patrick Laberz.

He explained that the software simplifies everything related to the maintenance and renewal of ice removal contracts. “We set up contract outlines with the client,” Mr. Laberge explained. Subsequently, they all come together in the application. The Director of Operations adds that his company has recently signed a contract with a printer. “If our customers want, they can send all of their contracts and the company will print them out and send them by mail.”

Folosoft allows ice removal companies to receive electronic payments. “There’s still a lot to pay by ice removal check,” Patrick Laberge said. But who still has checks in 2020? He explained that COVID-19 has accelerated the conversion of its customers to online payment. “One in five businesses accepted online payment last year and this year it is almost all snow plowing,” Laberge said.

Easy operations

Many of the features of Folosoft facilitate ice removal operations. “The software allows you to see where all the snow removal deals are,” explained Alex Adn, technical director at Folosoft. Companies can therefore optimize the ways of their employees. “

With Folosoft, every user has a tablet in their tractor. “Operators should follow the arrow that shows their way,” Adn said. Everything else happens automatically. ”

The system tells the operator which operator to clear, gives him a signal if there are specific instructions from the customer, and records the cleared yards. “It really helps the driver because the system tells him if he forgot the yard,” said the technical director. It also simplifies the work of the supervisor who can see the progress of the work in real time. “

The software also improves the snow removal company’s relationship with its customers. Alex Adden explains, “You get 10 or 15 entries in advance. This will give you time to move your car to make sure your driveway is completely clear of snow. ”

Etienne Dupuis, Special Contribution

This text appeared as part of our paper on snow removal in Utiliterre, published in September 2020.