May 24, 2022

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ASO 0 – JSK 2: Boujid Winner Coaching

ASO 0 - JSK 2: Boujid Winner Coaching

We were able to achieve a positive result when JSK faced a challenge at the Mohammed-Boumezrag Stadium yesterday, under very strong pressure due to a huge defeat at home against CRB last weekend. ‘ASO Chlef.

Despite the difficulty of their mission in front of the winning and drawn team on the road, Boujidi’s Fouls won by 0 with 2 goals and achieved the most important on the field. Lets them go back to 8E With 5 points, but to gain confidence, ended this unsuccessful three-game series. It is difficult to pass this conference without appreciating the performance of coach Youssef Bouzidi. True, the latter failed to do anything to overcome his opponent. In addition, he has a hollow nose in making the necessary changes to this meeting. He made four changes in the early XI.

A Abt Abdeslam stabilizes defense

He decided to do without the services of TG-Boali and to align the Ait-Abdeslam on the axis with the Saudis. For his first appearance this season, Ait-Abdeslam proved that he is more capable on the axis by winning a great match. He also equaled El-Orphy in the middle of the field, replacing Bounauwa, who was not satisfied against CRB. In the attack, he called on Qaddur-sheriff for the front center position, while Hamroon returned to his favorite position on the right. For his part, Benzea regained his starting position after being eliminated from the bench in the last two games against MCO and CRB. He has been one of the architects for this valuable achievement since he opened the scoring and converted a penalty by Hamron. Successful and fair coaching prepared by a technician. Baujidi was the architect of this success.

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Courage recovered before the USGN match

Now that JSK have achieved their first win of the season, calm is somewhat returning home. The next home game with ASAM is to be confirmed by Benchaira’s teammates. Also, as everyone knows, JSK will travel to Niger today to face USGN, on behalf of the 2nd round of the CAF Cup. True, it is important that Saud’s comrades regain their courage before moving to Nigeria. The victory will allow Bouzidi and his players to regain confidence before entering the CAF Cup and play their first match next Tuesday.

  1. H.

Stay Do 1Is-November

Objectives: Benzoya (52 ‘), Hamroon (sp 66’) JSK.







Jagnoun (Meryl 60 ‘)

Tahar (Allili 60 ‘)


Ois (Lakoor 77 ‘)



Entry: Mousey









Hamron (Chikhi 83 ‘)

Raya (Benabdi 83 ‘)

Bensaya (Agub 87 ‘)

Kaddur-sheriff (Nezla 65 ‘)

Entry. : Baujidi

Cloudy weather, game behind closed doors, referees: MM. The. Avina, f. Avina and Jemmit.

Awarts: Chahroor (3 ‘) ASO.

Kerom (36 ‘) jeeske