May 25, 2022

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Christmas stockings for ministers

Christmas stockings for ministers

Each year, Quebec ministers distribute tens of millions of dollars in public funds according to their errand. Without accountability or specific standards, they pour these discreet budgets not only into charities, but also into private companies, elected officials and cities.

By 2020, the pocket money of ministers due to COVID-19 has quietly increased to 20 million. As Christmas approaches, our Bureau of Inquiry will for the first time display a clear portrait of ministers er dar. Which ones showed fanaticism? Which organizations are most blessed?

Our Bureau of Inquiry found that one-third of these elected officials were in favor of organizations in their constituency.

This money, called the discretionary budget, is spent on grants ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The program has no standard or accountability framework, which the Commission of Experts wants to repeal in 2014 (see page below).

No announcement was made to inform the public that the ministers ’budgets had been increased. Neither the Consulate du Tresor nor the cabinet (except all three) agreed to disclose to us how much money was being spent from public funds.

By compiling the quarterly reports that each department publishes online, we found that it took several weeks, last year .5 9.5 million. Thus, the 2020-2021 cover.1 can reach up to 19.1 million.

The analysis found that nine ministers have been in favor of their constituencies since the change of government in October 2018.

Some examples of fanaticism

Nathalie Roy

Since her election in October 2018, the Minister of Culture has distributed 1 1 million, including 2 132,400 to companies in Montreville, on her riding south coast of Montreal. This is the county that receives the most money.

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Montreal Riding of Saint-Mary-Saint-Jacques is in second place with a high concentration of cultural institutions, but with almost 50% less money.

Even more surprisingly, for many cultural institutions in the downtown Quebec in Taschero (Quebec Solidair), only 500 6,500 were received.

Although Ms. Roy was responsible for the French file for over a year, she gave very little to organizations that justified the cause.

Eric Girard

The finance minister must adjust the calculator. One in five grants (22%) goes to companies that ride ghouls, or out of 4 494,700 he has distributed since elected, 7 108,750.

The minister was also in charge of the Laval area until last August, when four of the six excursions were generous. Not only does it allocate only 7% of its budget, but there are Laval companies that receive the most money … Of the two rides that are not generous, they are Saint-Rose (CAQ) with $ 15 and Chomedi (Independent) with $ 8,400.

Simon Jolin-Barrett

When he was Minister of Immigration, Mr. Jolin-Barrett allocated 70% of his budget to companies in Coquist Riding. He ranks first in Monterogy, Bordeaux, where more than 95% of the population are French-speaking white Canadians.

Most of the immigrant population and many of the organizations that come to their aid are based in Montreal, where there are mostly liberal and united excursions.

Of all the projects funded in Mr. Jolin-Barrett’s ride, only one organization has been linked to immigrant integration.

For the whole Province

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However, the minister’s discretionary budget must be used by companies in Quebec and not just for his ride. You should know that each member also has an envelope to help with his ride.

Eleven Coquista ministers allocated at least 65% of their budgets to organizations located in Coquista areas.

“It’s not normal,” said Herald Label, a member of the Quebec Party. “In general, you’re concerned about being fair to everyone,” he said. [la circonscription] PQ, Solidarity, Liberal or CAQ … it should be a project that counts. “

As the analysis of the liberal-era financial year demonstrates, fanaticism is not a new method (see page below).

Not good with liberals

In June, to our Bureau of Inquiry in 2008, Liberal Culture Minister Kristin Saint-Pierre’s group refused to provide financial assistance to “incomplete” counties filled with PQ, and she suggested that they keep their money for “those on our side”.

Two former ministers (a PQ and a Liberal) who wanted to remain anonymous explained to us the dynamics of this taboo subject on the hill.

The first is that Coalition Future Quebec (CAQ) believes some ministers can now be judged to be “their turn”.

Partisanship is unconscious because it is often argued by MPs for sanctioned applications.

“The minister has more direct access to government aides,” the former Liberal minister explained.

But no one is fooled, even these budgets allow on politics.

“It’s good to help local organizations,” he says.

Label, who has served in several prime ministerial offices, said the budget would also be useful for sniffing out troops.

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“Sometimes we need our helpers to be on our side [pour les] Convince the bill. With discretion it is possible to form relationships with your Caucasus, ”he said.

* Method

Our analysis covers the period between October 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020. The distribution of parties is established from the compilation of institutions according to the constituencies in which they are located. A total of 3 15.3 million have been distributed since the CAQ was elected.