July 7, 2022

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COVID-19 in Quebec | 2,038 new cases, 44 additional deaths

COVID-19 in Quebec |  2,038 new cases, 44 additional deaths

The health situation in Quebec is not a sign of improvement.

The Canadian Press

Authorities reported 2,038 new COVID-19 cases across the province, according to figures released Saturday by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Quebec’s National Institute of Public Health reported 17,879 active cases.

Since the outbreak, COVID-19 has affected 174,839 people, of whom 149,245 have recovered.

Authorities condemned 44 new deaths on Saturday, two of which occurred on December 18 and the rest on an earlier date. The death toll was 7,715.

The number of those admitted to the hospital has dropped by six compared to the previous day, but more than 1000. The hospital center now has 1005 patients.

The ministry reports 142 patients in intensive care, one more than the day before.

The vaccine campaign continued. A total of 4,020 people were given 715 doses of the vaccine on Friday, officials say.

The situation in many areas is worrying. The number of new cases increased from 234 to 349 in Monteroze, from 78 to 129 in Estri, from 88 to 122 in Marisi-Center-du-Quebec, and from 88 to 125 in Chowder-Appalaches.

Montreal Island surpassed the plateau of 600 extra cases at 605 for the second day in a row. 219 new cases in Capitol-National, 120 in Lanadier, 110 in Laval, 100 in Sagune – 92 in Lock-Saint-Jean and Laurentian.

Two areas were less affected by this increase in the epidemic: only 20 new cases were reported in the outlaw, almost half as high as the previous day, and Gaspace – Ols-de-la-Madeleine, some of which were included. Six.

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