November 27, 2022

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District 31: Opponents of Caroline Noran “People with miserable lives”, Judge Luke Dionne

District 31: Opponents of Caroline Noran "People with miserable lives", Judge Luke Dionne

Author of District 31, Luke Dionne has shown no mercy to Internet users who have criticized the return to the small screen of Caroline Neron, who plays the role of the luxury “escort” in the television series.

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“They are fools, fools. People with very short lives are constantly imagining that we can surpass people by reducing people, ”he said in an interview with Sophie Durocher on QUB Radio. Friday.

In this sense, the screenwriter talks about the “600-700 hotheads” who attacked the actress and businessman on social networks. The number he thinks is the lowest compared to the 1.8 million followers who join the fifth season District 31 Daily.

“One-third of the writers of such comments, they have nothing more. […] They have miserable lives and spend time criticizing everything they see. Disappointment, I can’t do anything by myself, ”he said.

For his part, Luke Dionne has only good words for Carolyn Nero, whom he describes as a “very good actress” he will never give up.

“Caroline Noran, in life, she got up, she tried herself. She fell, she got up, she fell back, she got up. It’s like that and it’s good.

  • Listen to Luke Dionne’s interview on QUB Radio:

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