May 25, 2022

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French: Trudeau failed in this task

French: Trudeau failed in this task

Before presenting the problem facing our country, I would like to clarify my vision of bilingualism in Canada.

Francophone communities from coast to coast are surrounded by very large Anglophone communities.

The strategy we prioritize is useless. The French situation is collapsing at a terrible rate. The French are seen by newcomers and Anglophones, who are settling badly in much-needed Francophone areas. The French should not be an obstacle to prosperity, but a tool to achieve it.

Both French and English should mix hands rather than opposing forces. We need to promote true bilingualism so that the Francophone and Anglophone communities can truly be united and break down the language barriers that hold so many people back.

Needless to say, the Trudeau government failed in its work and the decision to promote Eunice is a great proof of this.


This kind of behavior from the Trudeau team is not entirely acceptable. Especially since this is not the first time, but the third time Justin Trudeau has failed to do it himself, or refuses to recognize the conflict of interest when it is beneficial.

The level of corruption in this scandal is huge. Eunice greases the feet of Trudeau and his family and receives a contract worth $ 900 million. UNIS.5 will receive a whopping $ 43.5 million. All without calling for tenders and without verification.

Of course, the company does not qualify. Giving this agreement also violates the Official Languages ​​Act. We must acknowledge that this failure of the Francophone communities will not stop our handsome Prime Minister from retaliating for the good deeds that Eunice has done for the liberal “elite”.

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Trudeau is the least likely to consider francophones when returning an elevator to his friends.

Leo Hausakos, Senator

Photo by Archives, Ben Pelosse

Leo Hausakos, Senator

Lack of respect for the French

Strangely, this is not the only time that the Liberals have disrespected one of the two official languages ​​of our great country.

The liberal Quebec member recently questioned the decline of the French language in Quebec. What an irony! This member was elected in Montreal Riding, where the French were the most threatened.

The remarks made by this member were very disrespectful and were also publicly corrected by Melanie Jolie, the Liberal Minister responsible for official languages.

The questioning MP apologized for her unresponsive comments on social media, but it was too late. She proved once again that the Liberals were not worried about the French situation in Canada, even less so in Quebec.

This kind of debate is nothing new from the top level in the Liberal Party. Last September, the director of the Liberal Party of Canada confirmed on social networks that Bill 101 would be “repressed” and that it would “destroy” education in English.

They both apologized when faced with criticism and the latter even deleted her post.

Unfortunately for the Francophones in Canada, these two people seem to be saying out loud what the Liberal government is softly thinking. Their apologies will not improve the French situation in Canada.

Regardless of the Liberals’ view of the decline of the French language, it is irresponsible to suggest that it does not exist.

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As a bilingual country we cannot afford to put aside one of our founding languages.

After realizing that the French were in a state of free fall, what the liberal government had to do was to provide equal services in both English and French.

French hot water is everywhere, even in Canada and Quebec. The government gives us its usual neat words and promises us that the French language is not in such good condition.

It is clear that this is completely untrue and the situation must be resolved.

The lack of respect for the French language in government actions should frighten us all.

The program, designed by the federal government and Younis, was not designed under the Official Languages ​​Act.

The government should explain the reason behind the decision to award the contract for the distribution of bursaries to a company that is unable to provide its services in two official languages.

This type of action should not be without consequences.

Leo Hausakos