July 6, 2022

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Invite technology into the comfort of your home

Invite technology into the comfort of your home

In collaboration with TELUS

Home security and home automation

Control from a smartphone, many parameters of the home: automated lighting, control of thermostats, access to interior and exterior cameras, garage door opening … and even slow cooker walking. Future vision or connect to a home that is accessible to everyone?

In the minds of some people, it should be noted that if residential security is still overwhelmed by the traditional alarm system connected to the central monitoring station, today’s connected home represents a vast universe that incorporates innovative technology. Ultra-practical for owners. Here is an overview of the multiple functions offered by Smart Security Solutions and Home Automation.

A house connected to a smartphone

The connected house fits in the palm of your hand. Many remote monitoring and home automation features are activated through mobile apps, giving homeowners complete control over their primary or secondary residence from a smartphone or tablet or computer. Computer.

Who is here?

With the integrated video doorbell, homeowners can see who they are when they are away. At work, at the cottage or while traveling, thanks to the mobile app, it is also possible for them to see and hear people at the door and unlock the door from a distance. This is useful when receiving a packaged package or when grandma comes to the baby sit after school.

Smart lock

“Did I lock the door when I went out?” Thanks to The Smart Lock, the notification alerts homeowners when the front door opens. This function also allows you to remotely lock and unlock the lock or create an access code that only works at selected times. This allows the owners to maintain control over their home and give visitors access to it if they wish.

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The convenience of home automation

Activate home lighting, dim or turn off … When miles away: Yes, this is possible with home automation. Fans of this technology will find it fun to automate the operation of various devices in and around the house on whether to simplify their daily lives or increase the comfort of their nest. Summer and Winter – What a joy to be back home at the ideal temperature, thanks to the remote control of the thermostats … Connected home is a comfortable, welcoming and personalized home.

Disaster identification

There is a way to receive a warning if flood detectors indicate the presence of water damaging valuable property, regardless of its source: a broken dishwasher, a leak in a duct, a defective water supply. A sump pump, etc. Furthermore, if carbon monoxide is found inside the home, the warning received can greatly save the lives of the invaders. Not only are these sensors sensitive to odorless and invisible gas, but the most dangerous ones can sense its presence.

ADT TELUS becomes the connected home

By acquiring ADT Canada last autumn, the telecommunications company TELUS – which already has home automation and home security services – took another step to make connected home accessible to all. Thanks to their multiple features, ADT’s intelligent security systems, now known as Teles Connected Home, provide homeowners with comfort and peace of mind.

Learn more about a connected home by visiting telus.com