July 4, 2022

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The toughest end of the year for Project Montreal

The toughest end of the year for Project Montreal

The plant administration will end the year 2020 on its elbows. In addition to managing a serious health and financial crisis, it is facing a major internal crisis.

Mario GirardMario Girard

Following the departure of Christian Arsenal, Councilor Christine Gosselin knocked on the door on Thursday in the borough of C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Notre-Dame-de-Greece and Councilor Rosemont-La Petit-Patri.

Photo by Marco Campanozi, archived by the Press

Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

Christine Gosselin, who will sit independently next year, described the management of the Plante administration as “regressive and authoritarian”.

In an interview with Paul Arcand శుక్రవారం on Friday morning, Christine Gossell strongly rebuked Meyers for revolving around the core. “Communications-based control has been established,” she said. Over time, less space for discussion, less space for discussion, less freedom of speech. We may accept it for a while, because we are doing it for a reason. But when it goes beyond what is reasonable, when it does not allow us to express our beliefs, when it does not allow us to carry our cases, there is a problem. ”

Christine Gosselin said the concentration of decisions in the mayor’s office was done with the blessing of Valerie Plante. “For her, her cabinet is her caucus. Elected officials are largely excluded from this. It may be so in other parties, but it does not conform to the DNA of Project Montreal.”

Photo by Marco Campanozi, archived by the Press

Christine Gosselin, Councilor in Rosemont – La Petit-Patry

Christine Gosselin points the finger at the problem. True, Project Montreal was chosen by people who wanted restoration, they did not want to do things like before.

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Go back to 2017 and review the candidates for a moment, review the spirit emanating from this team, they wanted to oust those in place and the terrorists were seen as old monuments.

We want to discuss freely! We want to promote creativity and ideas through exchanges! We want to make revolutionary changes!

Three years later, however, most elected officials are complaining that the central administration and the mayor’s entourage need to follow orders from above.

Bad revolution!

The two departures, along with former Plateau-Mont-Royal mayor Luke Ferrandez, were excluded from the caucus of Lachine councilor Julie-Pascal Provost. Her objection to closing Lachine Marina was, according to her, the reason for its withdrawal.

In early December, Villere District Councilor Rosanni Filato stepped down as head of public safety on the executive committee. She will continue her mandate as a consultant until the end of 2021.

C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Notre Dame-de-Greece excludes Mayor Sue Montgomery, who was made in the best nebulous conditions. And Villere – St.-Michel – Park-Extension District Mayor Giuliana Fumagalli due to harassment.

The exit and exclusion valve is open and it seems difficult to close.

With these changes, Project Montreal has now elected 50 of the 103 seats.

I fully understand that the elected officials of Project Montreal should be upset to see the situation. They joined the party to enjoy freedom of expression and to benefit from their actions.

But now, the party chief has realized that dozens of elected officials in 19 districts cannot be allowed.

In short, this power must come into force from the beginning, solve all the difficulties in the world and now sees Project Montreal as a party backward.

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We are always behind each other.

* * *

The reason that prompted Christine Gosselin to leave Project Montreal depends on the management of the Sue Montgomery file. What many perceive as a villain in this miserable municipal scenario is that she recently won her case in Superior Court.

The 38-page judgment of Judge Bernard Senate was highly critical of the officers and members of Valerie Plante’s entourage who handled the case of psychological harassment, poor communication and professional dissent.

The judge agrees with Mayor Montgomery that the Comptroller General has exceeded his powers by issuing orders so that Chief of Staff Analisa Harris will not communicate with some officials in the borough, including Director General Stefan Plante.

Regarding reports of investigators committing psychological harassment on behalf of Annalisa Harris with some officers, the judge said Sue Montgomery, who represents the “designated authority”, should have access to the documents.

Sue Montgomery is not a white goose in this business. The judge stressed that she had lost her “objectivity”.

Commenting on several attempts by Sue Montgomery to suspend her borough director, he wrote: “The issuance of such a ban will not serve as a foil for Montgomery, which will enable it to be sown with disciplinary action. She must record the messages sent by her council members. In short, it must face the wind. Don’t sow. ”

Annalisa Harris repeatedly complains about the indifference of Stefan Plante when she is asked for the source, documents or information of this whole affair. The perseverance of the Cabinet Director was perceived as psychological harassment by the Borough Director.

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“However, the district director is not too keen on criticism. Evidence shows that he breaks down quickly, obscurity and distraction through comments, trivial ”, we can read in the judgment.

Are we facing the situation where an experienced male civil servant (Stefan Plante has been in this position since 2008) refuses to comply with the requests and demands of the newly arrived young executive? It is permissible to believe this.

The ruling led to a wide-ranging attack on Valerie Plante and her cabinet members.

The question that remains is: why did headquarters not respond and support Sue Montgomery so much?

Because the remarkable thing about this story is that Sue Montgomery, himself, went to see the Comptroller General to tell him about the management problem in his borough.

Now she has become a problem.

In such a case, it is difficult to trust future elected officers to be respected in their work. So this work is for the welfare of the citizens.