April 1, 2023

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Vaccination is possible if you already have covid

Vaccination is possible if you already have covid

Davian crossed paths with Kovid-19 during a wedding two months ago. To find out what his body contained in him from this contamination, this Parisian thirty took a serological test on Tuesday. Result: “I do not have enough antibodies to protect because I am below the threshold of immunity. In theory, Damien could be infected again. Despite his status as a former patient with coronavirus, vaccination remains a viable option if he wants to protect himself in the long run.

This was made clear by the High Authority for Health (HAS) on Friday night. There is a problem in the minds of HAS professionals: Should those already infected with SARS-CoV-2 be vaccinated? At this stage HAS believes that “individuals who have developed a symptomatic form of Kovid-19 do not need to be vaccinated regularly.” “Vaccines do not flow freely, and vaccination of people who are not infected with the virus is a priority,” suggests epidemiologist Jean-Daniel Lleivre.

However, HAS believes that patients who are already infected with the virus should “be able to be vaccinated if they wish, following a decision shared with a physician.” “Although there are fewer cases of re-infection compared to the 60 million people affected, Americans and the British are already advising people who have been infected with the virus to do so one to three months after the first signs of the disease,” said Jean-Daniel Lleivre.

In this case, it is advisable to honor at least 3 months from the onset of hot autorite de Sante symptoms. If HAS recommends this, it is because “the duration of long-term immunity given by COVID-19 is currently unknown”. “Although it is difficult to establish the actual frequency frequency of reinfection cases, the number of published cases of reinfection remains until the moment it is properly registered (approximately ten)”, HAS experts add.

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Jean-Claude does not want to restore this hell

But there is no question of playing with fire for Jean-Claude. At age 74, the taxi driver from Drance (Sean-Saint-Denis) developed a severe form of the disease. After two months of coma and weeks of rehab, he lost 30kg of weight and was reluctant to restore this hell for anything. “My doctor’s uncle contracted Kovid-19 twice in a row and after I experienced it, I was very upset,” the Septuagenarian said. So yes I’m vaccinated because if I experience the effects of Kovid a second time in the same way I will die ”.

Is it really safe to get vaccinated after getting infected for the first time? In this case, “data available with an average of three months of follow-up shows that there is no particularly serious adverse effect”, the High Authority noted. “I do not think it’s dangerous and it does not come as a shock to me to vaccinate those who already have it, because it stimulates their immune system,” said Professor Agatha Raynod-Simon, head of the hospital’s aging department. Parisian Bichot.

Raleigh wants to help stop the spread of the virus

Infected with the virus last March, but suffering from “very mild symptoms”, é Reilly now considers himself a “person who can catch up again”. “In our case, we have a lot to say that it would not be foolish to put a vaccine layer on to strengthen our immunity. This young Parisian has been entrusted with this.

Before deciding, is it advisable to proceed with a serological test to measure whether our body has enough antibodies to withstand the new attack? HAS does not recommend this because “serology does not allow immunity to the virus.”