March 30, 2023

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Bye Bye Cursed year! | Richard Therian | Arts | The sun

Bye Bye Cursed year!  |  Richard Therian |  Arts |  The sun

The crew, who usually finish filming on December 15, will complete it five days later. That means editors will also have to work on Christmas Day to arrive by 11pm on December 31st. In addition, two skits were thrown squarely into the basket.

Two appointments, Franకోois Bellefule and Sarah-Jean Labros, Will be added to the cast this year. Michael was frightened by Oliver Girard’s imitation, Claude Legalt However, he quickly expressed his intention to return this year Gailine Tremble And Mehdi Bausaidan. “The Farewell, Which is like a tremendous sport. It stimulates all kinds of business, the media participates, the Prime Minister comes on board, everything happens, you tell yourself you will never do it again, but you come back to yourself, ”said Simon Oliver Fecto.

One of the criticisms raised last year was the lack of women on the writing team. A sketch on MyPoiles, considered to be completely disconnected, highlighted this gap. Authors Caroline Allard, Julie Busoil and Justin Philly So this year contributed to the texts Ann Bilodo, Simon Oliver Facto, Benoit Pelletier, Yves p. Pelletier And Julian Tap. Director, Isabelle Garnia, Also increases the percentage of women in the team.

This year Black Lives Matter, There is diversity among the concerns of the design team. We handed it to the actor Frederick Pierre The work of consulting black writers and comedians to better reflect this reality. The policy of having children in the coming years.

Just because there is less space for free humor, does not mean that we will deal with it one by one Bye bye 2020 Good and smooth. “The idea should not be thin, but we’re anxious to unify. We really want everyone to find their account. We allow everyone to laugh and learn all things.”

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But Guillome Lesperance is not innocent, he knows it is impossible to convince some people and expect cruel comments like “crap”. Farewell History “.” There are people who see him to hate him when they go. “

Make everyone happy: Impossible challenge Farewell, Per year. The 2020 team tried to lay the net as wide as possible. Even Simon Oliver Facto goes so far as to say that anti-masks look very funny. “It simply came to our notice then. We attack everyone equally. ”

BYE BYE 2020

Thursday December 31st at 11pm, ICI Tlé

Replay: Friday, January 1 at 9 p.m.

Scenes by 2020

Thursday after December 31st Farewell 2020, TV here

Replay: Saturday, January 2 at 7 p.m.

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