May 24, 2022

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Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle said goodbye to her role from District 31

Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle said goodbye to her role from District 31

On Thursday, the audience stopped breathing for the episode District 31 It’s the end of the fall season. Luke Dionne Also commented on this episode, which severely damaged everything The character of is like death Virginie Franకోois.

Etios Productions

Is a talented performer Virginie Franకోois, Actress Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle, His “touching farewell”Favorite tout-crotch ”, which she embodied for five years!

«*** Attention, exposure! If you haven’t heard of the District 31 Finals, go ahead! ***

There were whole emotions on that face, and karljessyphoto_mtl was at the right time, after the last scene I filmed on @ District 31, to capture them in a photo.
How do I feel?

First of all, an immense thanks to the entire team, for the welcome, for the friendship made on the way, for the indelible practice. However, for the faith of Lucy, Luke and @ creafab2018. Five years in a production like this is a gift of life too (especially when it feels like a scene)!

Then, love. Like the person who lives within me when I fail to realize how lucky I am to be able to practice my career as an actress. Right now I’m getting away from people. This love, I heartily send it to you. The pleasure I have to embody Virginia, to bite into her replicas, often so “crisp”, to wear her colorful outfits, which is not even nameless! ❤️

Finally, a little grief. I miss her too, Virginie Franకోois, my favorite cricket!

PS: 2021, bring some projects! ”She revealed via Instagram.

For fans Catherine-Audrey, Neta knows and knows how to make our favorite diamond thief note The duo are part of Country and Bluegrass Porch, With his sidekick Leandre Jolie-Pelletier.

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Ideal for long winter evenings to come, the couple also unveiled a new music session by fire!

Producer, little alm balm in our hearts By Fabien Larou It was confirmed yesterday that we can take advantage of the stunts of the entire team of District 31, as well as all the small balls Shenanigans that revolve around it, Since the 31st season of District 31 has been confirmed!

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