May 23, 2022

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Comes to your home through your notary technology

Comes to your home through your notary technology

From April 1, Quebec notaries have the power to remotely sign the notary deed, a policy that may remain in place for good.

Established as part of the coronavirus, this measure was originally intended to process emergency requests in accordance with government health regulations.

Recently, I was able to submit to this new approach and I must say that it was a small revolution in my life as a real estate investor. I didn’t have to travel and saved a lot of time.


The notary secretary contacted me to send the documents through secure means and asked if everything was all right. I was informed about the progress of the electronic signature and I was given the agenda.

At the exact time of the appointment, click on the link. The secretary responded via video link and asked me to email her copies of the two ID pieces, along with a photo.

The notary then checks the identity documents and looks at me in the video to verify, then sends a code by text, as well as gives access to the document to be signed at Concigno, Chambre des Notaries du Quebec’s new secure platform. The notary then confirms that both parties have understood everything, and then comes the time to sign the electronic document.

The notarized document is kept by the notary, who will give you a certified copy of the document. And all of this can be done with the comfort of your own home or anywhere. Great to be able to do that. Tip my hat to the Chambre des Notaries for great innovation.

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What do you want

The process is simple, but you need at least computer equipment. We’re talking about a computer, a digital tablet or a smartphone, which should have a camera. You will also need an email address and an internet connection, which should not come as a shock to most of you so far. Also, for the videoconferencing app, Chambre des Notiers recommends using the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Farewell, handshake?

In the short to medium term, the handshake is unlikely to ever become the norm again. Remote procedures therefore remain a good alternative, especially if the digital copy of the notary and your own copy is as standard as a traditional paper document.

Currently, notaries are not required to use this measure. However, technology can save a lot of access and time, which can be a valuable asset, especially if your lawyer is away from you.

It remains to be seen whether change in culture can be sustained in a sustainable manner, which, in my opinion, is a good thing.


  • Don’t be afraid of technology. Recently implemented technical solutions save time and give access to a wide selection of notaries.
  • Before actually meeting with the notary, take the time to prepare. Make sure you have access to video conferencing tools and make sure you have access to a quality internet connection.