November 27, 2022

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The long drought is over

The long drought is over

The endless crossing of the desert is over. The Buffalo Bills have won the Denver Broncos since 1995 with their first division title since Saturday.

The 48-19 victory put Bills first in the Eastern section of the American Conference, their first in 25 years. Patriots
New England have been defending champions in the previous 11 seasons and 17 in the last 19.

Drought is not only a thing of the past now, bills have the potential to settle for a long time, with young quarterbacks like Josh Allen rising week in front of fans week after week.

With 359 yards of crop and two touchdowns, Bills Pivot dominated against the Broncos, without interruption. He added 33 running yards and two more touchdowns. He now has 16 games with at least one passing and running touchdown from 2018, with no more than nine in that streak in another quarterback.

Allen now has 30 touchdown passes this season. This would make him the only quarterback in the franchise, legendary Jim Kelly, who started 33 in 1991. He became the first quarterback in the franchise to reach the 4000-yard mark in one season after Drew Bledso in 2002.

Digs domain encore

Stephen Diggs was once again aiming for a selection of bills with 11 catches for 147 yards. With 111 catches since the start of the season, he surpassed the franchise record set by Eric Molds in 2000. Bills are no doubt worried about sacrificing draft picks to get a hand on the former Vikings. Minnesota.

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To Digs Broncos’ surprise, the touchdowns came from the tight end
Dawson Knox and Jake Kumero, thanks to their first catch with Bills 24 yards out. Kumero became a wide receiver of the 13th bill
This season, League High.

The defense also had only 115 actions, limiting the Broncos to 255 yards.

When Tre’davius ​​White caused a mess covered by Jerry Hughes, the same end came back to the score as well.

This is the second game in a row with Touchdown for Bills Defense, a unit that shows teeth after struggling at the start of the season.

Lock under the magnifying glass

If the bills go up, which is very different with the Broncos, they will get cash for the fourth consecutive losing season. This is the first time since their miserable years that they joined the NFL from 1960 to 1972.

Quarterback Drew Lock, having a good time of late, develops visceral impatience of any consistency over a continuous period.

The Broncos will have to ask themselves if they want to take another direction in the quarterfinals next season. Since Peyton Manning retired, 10 pivots have started playing for the team.

For their part, the bills reach the playoffs for the second year in a row, the first for them since 1999.