May 22, 2022

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A coupled lynched in Morocco to elect Algeria

A coupled lynched in Morocco to elect Algeria

The conflict between Morocco and Algeria in the Western Sahara is not just about political issues, such as normalization with Israel and the reopening of land borders that could lead to tensions.

By United Couscous, Classified as an improbable heritage of humanity by UNESCO, the two countries also compete on the playing field, to attract bisexual players.

The choice of footballer Sami Faraz to preserve the colors of the Algerian national football team rather than Morocco has created a campaign of harassment against him by Moroccan internet users.

At the age of 19, Sami Faraz was born in France to a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother. The young footballer, who is currently under contract with French club Sochas (Second Division), has chosen to retain the national team colors for them under the age of 20. His older brother, Imad Faraz, advocates French colors in youth choices.

“I am Algerian by my mother, my mother’s family came from Oran, where my grandparents now spend most of their time”, The midfielder explained this in an interview with Disfoot on December 3.

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Sami Faraz was contacted by the Detection Cell of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF). “At first, they did not know I was of Algerian descent. Then, when they found out, they submitted the project to me, explaining to me the role I could play in the selection of those under 20 years of age. Finally, they told me that I could be an executive and an important part of the group ”, Related Sami Faraz, quoted by the same source

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To him, Algerian national team, African Champion, a « Strong and effective choice, very popular all over the world. “

Sami Faraz dreams of being a part of it, and dreams of why not play with world stars Riyadh Mahrez, Algerian striker from Manchester City.

Algerian team a “Strong and Effective Choice”

“I hope to give everything I can to give A. a chance to thrive at the highest level in the future. It will be an honor for me to take this opportunity and then join the seniors at EN.”, He said on the same site, added it “This opportunity to thrive with the U20 option will allow me to do so with the goal of finally doing everything I can to qualify for the next CAN U20.”

However, the decision of Sami Farage was not welcomed positively by some Moroccan Internet users, who prefer to watch the player retain the colors of the Atlas Lions after playing in the Moroccan Under-16 selection at the tournament. Montaigu.

“Many fans insulted a young footballer on social networks, the latter for their misdeeds”, World Eleven reports “Shocked by these reactions, Sami Faraz posted his opacity on Instagram. “

“Why was I insulted? I’m Morocco, Algeria, I like two countries, we had to make a choice and it’s football.”, A football player quoted by Jairdaily. “I love two countries. I do not understand why I am so humiliated.”, Lamented Faraj.

He explained in an interview with international Algerian hopeful DZfoot that his experience with the Moroccan selection was not right. “You should also know that I had a good choice under 16 with Morocco. Obviously, I did not have a very good memory.”, Said Sami Faraz.

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He said summons were rejected from the Moroccan selection in the U20 “Because I’m close to joining the France team, I know the coach is following me there.” In the meantime, the FAF has been able to intervene and persuade Greens to join.

“However, I can not wait to participate in the exciting deadline awaiting selection with the aim of convincing me of the project submitted by the Algerian Federation and qualifying for the next CAN U20”, “he said. He said.