May 21, 2022

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An effective and safe tool

An effective and safe tool

The demonstration, which brought together thousands of anti-vaccine conspirators in Montreal on Sunday, raised concerns among experts reiterating the importance of the vaccine to end COVID-19 all at once.

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“The vaccine is the only really effective tool to stop the virus and it will make it possible to win the war against COVID in the medium term,” D argues.r Carl Weiss is a microbiologist and infectious disease specialist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

The statistics compiled over two weeks give a cold sweat. On Sunday, Quebec set a new epidemic record with 2,146 positive tests on its territory in 24 hours.

In addition, 21 deaths were reported by public health, while in the hospital, patients infected with COVID-19 occupied 1,010 beds. Of these, 146 were in intensive care.

Data that failed to reach the conspirators. In front of the offices of Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt on Sherbrook Street, there are families as long as the seniors.

Conspiracy posters and flags are prominent in support of Donald Trump.

269 ​​violations

Many SPVM agents are ready to intervene.

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Buregard

Many SPVM agents are ready to intervene.

Police intervened before the start of the peaceful parade. In all, 269 tickets were distributed to those who refused to wear a mask or respect social distance.

Participants in this “mega gathering” did not hesitate to qualify health measures as “dictatorship”, finally meeting in La Fontaine Park and attending speeches by important people in the movement, including actress Lucy Laurier and “People’s Police”, Maxim Oymet.

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Among other things, they require the management of health emergencies and vaccines with their “free and informed” consent.

People are skeptical because there is a misunderstanding on the vaccine development process. […] It plays on the fears of the population, “said Covin L’Sparens, an epidemiologist and biochemist with a doctorate in public health at CHUM.

A large number of police officers who came to the demonstration arrested the culprit for non-compliance with sanitary measures.

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Buregard

A large number of police officers who came to the demonstration arrested the culprit for non-compliance with sanitary measures.

No risk

“We know that this vaccine will reduce the serious complications of the disease, which people can not predict even when they are at high risk.

“Once a large percentage of the population is vaccinated [environ 70%], We can consider a return to the pre-COVID era ”, D dictatesr Weiss.

Experts believe the COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada is safe.

“No, it does not change the genetic code. No, its side effects are not fatal. And no, it’s not developed very quickly, “said Mr. L’Sparens.

“This is the first time a vaccine has been successfully developed against the coronavirus. However, vaccines against SARS-CoV-1 (2002-2003) and MERS (2012) have long been studied. Researchers have developed well-known RNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioMtech and Modernna) based on existing bases, ”the expert explained.

“Therefore RNA vaccines are not a new and fast concept,” he says.