July 5, 2022

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COVID-19 | Monterogy begins with health workers

COVID-19 |  Monterogy begins with health workers

The COVID-19 vaccination continues across Quebec in Montero on Monday, with health care workers working in CHSLDs and intermediate sources, and not residents, being the first to be vaccinated.

Ariane LacorsierAriane Lacorsier

Because Monterogy does not have large CHSLDs, it is not possible to set up vaccination centers in one of these organizations. Although the government initially identified CHSLD residents as having been vaccinated, it is currently not possible to do so with “current institutional arrangements”, said Regional Director of Public Health, D.C.Back Julie Laslier.

D recalls that the first dose of vaccines coming to Quebec these days came from the Pfizer company and was “not moving”Back Winch is unloading.

In Monteroji, two vaccination sites are authorized: one in Saint-Hyacinth and one in the Dix 30 district. Those who want to be vaccinated will have to travel there. Vaccination will take place on December 23, 24, 26, 27. More than 4,400 doses of the vaccine are given. Already, half of the appointments are allocated to health workers in Montero who work on CHSLDs and intermediate resources. “And the symptom persists at full throttle,” dBack Winch is unloading.

Clients of CHSLDs in Monterozi are vaccinated as soon as the moderna vaccine or another vaccine with fewer barriers becomes available, guarantees DBack Laslier. “We are keen to vaccinate CHSLD clients as soon as possible […] If the modern vaccine comes tomorrow, we will be ready, ”said the doctor.Back Winch is unloading.

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Monterogi’s public health adviser and member of the Committee on Immunization in Quebec, DBack Mary Guy wants to be reassured about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Currently available data “indicate that the vaccine works”, even for the new strain of COVID-19, which is prevalent in England these days. “We think we’ll be fine,” she agreed, adding that the future cannot be imagined.

Do public health officials face a lot of resistance from health workers who are reluctant to be vaccinated? The dBack Guy noted that people who are generally shy in society “have a lot of voice.” “We must not be deceived by these moves […] The phenomenon of contraction is not as great as it suggests ”. Data collected in Montreal and Quebec for the first COVID-19 vaccine show that “the proportion of health care workers who refuse is small”.Back Gway. It states that “it is common to ask questions about the new vaccine.” But both vaccines are “very safe,” she said.

An alarming situation in Monterogy

The pandemic situation in Monterogy was “of concern”, D notedBack Laslier. Last week, an average of 275 new cases were reported per day. These cases are distributed among all ages.

With the slowdown in operations scheduled for December 25, dBack Laslier hopes the virus will “reduce circulation”. “But all of these are consistent with actions,” she said.

Residents were vaccinated in Montreal

Meanwhile, in Montreal, the vaccine continues to spread. In the east, residents of CHSLD Jean-le-Ber, CIUSSS de l’Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal announced in a press release Monday morning that they would “benefit first by vaccinations.” Normond Doan, 85, was the first person to be vaccinated.

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Subsequently, the inhabitants of the CHSLD gene-le ber “follow all employees and physicians of all CHSLDs in the territory, both private and public,” CIUSSS said. CISSS de l’Outaouais indicated it received its dose on Monday morning and is preparing to administer them in the afternoon.