May 27, 2022

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Fatigue and heat, boogie worries

Fatigue and heat, boogie worries

It is no secret that the yellow and green JSK made a long trip to Niger, which lasted more than 14 hours through Casablanca before arriving in Niamey and the ASO the day after the long match.

Players in the Nigerian capital are tired of the first technical manager Youssef Bouzidi worrying that the fatigue factor will have a negative effect on the performance of tomorrow’s players against the USGN. The coach’s other fear of JSK’s Canaries is the great heat that is currently raging in Niamey as Mercury is clearly pointing to 34. Let’s hope that these two factors do not affect the performance of Benzara’s teammates to return from Niger with a reliable result.

He focuses his work on recovery

Youssef Boujidi, the first head of JSK’s technical staff, who complained about the conditions under which his players left for Niger, said he did not have enough time to prepare his team for tomorrow’s match. At US National GenderMary. As they flew after the meeting for Niger, Benbot’s colleagues did not benefit from significant time to recover from last Friday’s attempts against ASO. In addition to fatigue, along with long journeys, technicians are thinking about the health of their players. For this reason, General-Seini-Countche decided to focus on the recovery of his work yesterday and today so that his foles could regain their physical freshness at the stadium tomorrow afternoon.

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Abdeslam: “Players are determined to win”

Sports director Kamel Abdeslam, and in a statement on the club’s official channel, said players were determined to return from Niger with good results. “The trip was in good conditions and we were satisfied with the accommodation conditions. The players were determined to achieve a good result. We aimed for victory or draw to approach the return match with confidence. Personally, I am optimistic for a good result.”

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The delegation conducted PCR tests yesterday morning

Yesterday morning, members of the JSK delegation conducted PCR tests at the Bravia Hotel by a medical team appointed by the CAF. Thirty-four members of the delegation, including 20 players, passed the exams.

Dr Atmani: “Results will be known today”

Dr Mohammad Atmani, who came to Niamey with the team, spoke about the Niger tour yesterday and the health status of the players. “The trip was very good. As far as the health of the players is concerned, at the moment it is very good. 20 players have passed the PCR exams and the results will be known today. ”

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