May 25, 2022

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Warning message and refund on Xbox

Warning message and refund on Xbox

Unlike Sony, Microsoft chose to keep Cyberpunk 2077 in its store, but to accept all refunds for it.

Source: CD Project Red

Source: CD Project Red

It has already been purchased, referring to the history of cyberpunk 2077 release video games. The new title of Sidiproject Red, the Polish developer who earned the most image with The Witcher Saga, has been released in one version Not just useful on Xbox One and PS4. Amid huge bugs, going to less than 20 pictures per second, by definition with strawberries and empty streets, the console version of the game is sloppy. To make matters worse, the studio stopped releasing the PS4 or Xbox One version to the press before the game’s release, and a few weeks before the release of CidProject Red’s CEO announced that these versions were “surprisingly good”. If it can be seen One click for cloud gaming services, And Including Google StadiaThis is a real problem for console gamers, who make up almost 40% of pre-orders.

CDProjekt Red quickly announced a series of patches for the start of 2021 Promises to repair most damage in console versions. Following all of these issues, Sony took over The landmark decision to remove the game from the PlayStation Store And allow all refund requests so that the manufacturer generally overrides the regulatory process (which usually prohibits refunds as soon as the game is downloaded). Microsoft’s response was inevitably backwards and it measured further.

Simple warning message

Microsoft has decided not to remove the game from its online Xbox Store. It should be noted that the manufacturer has a strategic partnership with CDProject Red, which led to the release of a special edition of the Xbox One X and Xbox One Controller earlier this year, in Cyberpunk 2077 colors.

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Warning message not highlighted

Warning message not highlighted // Source: Screenshot Frontroid

Instead, you should fix it for a little warning message in the Microsoft Store. This message is currently only available in the English version of the store. Added the phrase “Users may experience performance issues while playing this game on Xbox One consoles until this game is updated” and is now the first sentence describing the game in the store. . The warning message is not specifically highlighted in the web version of Microsoft’s store.

Normal refund at Xbox

Xbox France has announced that the refund policy will be extended in the same way as Sony to give a full refund to all Cyberpunk 2077 customers upon general request.

This is already possible Get a refund for a game you recently purchased on Xbox, But this policy change will allow all Cyberpunk 2077 withdrawals to be accepted regardless of the generally applicable terms. Still, Microsoft believes the game is still marketable despite a lot of complaints.

Patches begin to follow each other

Since the game’s release, the development studio has been working to fix some very important issues. The Patch Hotfix 1.05 Deployed on all platforms this weekend and it allows to fix bugs that can hinder important activities of the game. On the PC, the patch fixes a performance issue that affected AMD Raison 4 or 6 core processors.

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It can also be read in the release notes that the patch will delete a file on the PC, which will only be used during game development and should not be in the commercial version. A new code, if one is needed, was released without the game being completely ready.