May 28, 2022

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French actor Claude Brassier dies at 84

French actor Claude Brassier dies at 84

Paris | French comedian Claude Brassier has been identified with blockbuster films for generations The elephant is very cunning, Party, To camping , And starred in over a hundred films, died Tuesday at the age of 84, his agent told AFP.

“Claude Brassier died peacefully and peacefully around his family that day. He was not a victim of COVID. He was buried in the Pere-Lachis Cemetery in Paris under sanitary regulations and rested with his father (actor Pierre Brassier, editor note).” Announced by the head of the agency Elizabeth Tanner.

Coming from the son of Pierre Brassier and Odette Joeux and Alexander’s father, this actor with lively looks and an immediate sympathetic smile is a popular and versatile genius, more of a detective film than a comedy.

He enjoyed film and television as much as he enjoyed theater.

In 1977 he received the Caesar Award for Best Supporting Actor for Comedy The elephant is very deceitful , Consecrated three years later, with Caesar as Best Actor Police war .

In all, he has acted in over 110 films in his 60-year career and is associated with Sophie Marcia’s father. Party , 80s cult film. It appears regularly on screen for up to three episodes of comedy To camping In the 2000s.

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