March 22, 2023

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Michelle Barrett and Christmas in Virtual

Michelle Barrett and Christmas in Virtual

Michelle Barrett is not excited about the virtual holiday show, My funny Christmas, He delivers tomorrow. “I was never proud of the work I did with humor,” he says.

After doing a “Special Kovid” mini-tour across the province in recent months, Michelle Barrett is looking for a way to entertain people with detention during the holidays. “I was wondering what I could give them,” he said. Is good Fun To hear Farewell, But after that … ”

Michelle Barrett

Courtesy Livedanstonsalon

When offered to record a virtual Christmas-themed show, the narrator suspects he had enough equipment. “I thought I could talk about it for eight minutes,” he says.

However, once on the Live Dance Ton Salon platform set, whose studio is in Chambery, the narrator opens his word mill and he shares stories with his friend Luke Sene for two hours … and piece!

“I have no text,” he said. If I forgot anything, Luke just gave me a list of items he had on a sheet of paper. ”

Before embarking on this virtual adventure, Michelle Barrett wondered if the lack of people would bother her. Then, he saw this “discussion” with Luke Cene on stage – who had known him for twenty years – a chance to tell stories to an “old boyfriend”.

“I was hesitant at first because I had an audience. But my girlfriend told me: My love, when you tell your stories in a restaurant, you have no audience! This is the case! ”

Michelle Barrett

Courtesy Livedanstonsalon

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Pieces of life

During our interview with Michelle Barrett, the comedian saw the last 90 minutes of this virtual show cut. He was as excited as ever.

“I looked at him and laughed a lot. My son Jonathan unknowingly shot me twice and said he had never heard me laugh like this. ”

Michelle Barrett

Photo courtesy, Livedonstoneone

“Why is this funny? Because everything I say is true. […] It allowed me to relive important moments in my life. I’m talking about the period between Christmas and New Year’s, my “career” in hockey … ”

“If you have to say: Who is Michelle Barrett? Of course, this Christmas special narrator said, ‘Yes, I’m a comedian. But first, I’m the one who tells his life stories. ”

“I was never proud – and I weighed my words – what I did in humor,” he says. Never. […] I dream that one day, my granddaughter, who is seven months old, will see this when you ask her if Grandpa wants to know who she is. She’s going to see a portrait of the family she was born into and claims to be a gang of lunatics! ”

Michelle Barrett is very excited about the virtual Christmas show experience, and she is already planning to record another autobiographical performance “soon after the holidays” in the coming weeks. “I wanted to wait until I had an audience for the next show, but I really liked the formula of sitting in chairs with Luke.”

Remotely entertaining

How does Michelle Barrett view her family holiday this year? “If only I had sons, I would like to rejoin my gang,” he replied. It’s hard for me not to be able to see my grandson. I loved watching her play on the Christmas tree. It will be until next year. At the same time, I took a lot of Zen. We are in the countryside, in the buss where we now live, we are going to bond with my 14 year old son. ”

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With just a few days to go until 2021, Michelle Barrett is realistically about to make a comeback of shows. “It would be great if we could all get vaccinated sooner and start performing again in the spring. But personally, in my opinion I think it’s okay in the fall before it reopens. To stop failing, I would like to say that there may be nothing on stage before September. . ”

“My tour is my last. I do not want to do this at 82 so I can not wait to do it too! (Laughs) I can not wait to return to the stage, but if it is possible, if I can continue to enjoy this Christmas special as recorded, it will keep me. Smile.”

Virtual show by Michelle Barrett, My funny Christmas, Will be available from Wednesday