April 1, 2023

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Modern office: technological and organizational change

Modern office: technological and organizational change

One of the biggest changes in the business world this year is the widespread adoption of telecommuting or almost, but has this technological promotion yet led to a bigger movement for our companies?

In recent months, companies that already have a good start in their digital transformation have been able to maintain a high level of productivity by adopting the approach they operate. They got almost immediate benefits:

  • Simplification of processes and working methods;
  • Improved communication and cooperation even in telecommuting mode;
  • Company optimization thanks to shared calendars;
  • Decision making with real time data;
  • High level of employee engagement and involvement;
  • Reducing time wastage through file sharing;
  • Improved management IT security;
  • Paper reduction;

Increased productivity and profitability are now a name to recognize this new way of working: Le Modern Workplace. This small revolution will allow companies to modernize and improve their business processes with the goal of optimizing communication, collaboration, management, engagement, security and course capability.

The Change managementChange towards modernization, which requires a strategic focus

As with any organizational change, modernizing a business requires thought and planning to be successful. Needless to say then it is not enough to just implement new technological tools, it is necessary to see to it that the company adopts a high adoption rate to benefit from all the benefits. Optimize its productivity. Change management represents such an in-depth work and it is beneficial to call in experts in this field for this.

A company of IT professionals like Kezber, your shift will fit perfectly with your current and future goals. To do this, the process usually involves the following steps:

  • Analysis of your needs and processes
  • Recommendation for the best technical options
  • The action plan is developed according to your reality and your goals
  • Implementation of new technology and working methods
  • Training your team members
  • Technical support
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Evolution of course, but where to start:

Start gradually if possible by first setting up the simple tools and applications that will serve as the foundation for the next steps. This is often an opportunity to standardize your IT purchases to facilitate their management.

In an era of mobility and collaboration, consider migrating to a cloud-based solution such as Microsoft 365. Sharing and storing documents directly in the cloud are important functions of an efficient organization in a modern office. In addition to sharing documents in the cloud, you appreciate the opportunity to simultaneously co-edit documents and manage their access and editing rights. In less time, you will be able to implement an effective, collaborative and secure new work strategy.

This collaboration acts as an accelerator and becomes a cornerstone of your digital transformation. Choose a collaborative app, such as Microsoft Teams (included in Microsoft 365) that allows you to chat, make video conference calls, share screenshots, collaborate on your documents, and meet virtually anywhere. And anytime.

Inevitably, this progress will change the mindset within your work teams. The transparency and accessibility of data allows you to enhance the roles of your administrators and improve their decision-making power. Power BI (also available on Microsoft 365) allows you to automatically generate dynamic reports to visualize your business data in real time. By adding artificial intelligence to spot trends, you can make decisions in advance and avoid problems.

Kageber: Crossing the finish line next to you

Naturally, making the digital shift does not give everyone the same challenges. We understand that digital transformation is not a small task; It contains a lot of resources and as a result, it can create some fears. Our proactive approach will improve your processes gradually and in stages. Whether it’s moving your applications to the cloud, or incorporating new technology like BI into your processes, we take the time to first analyze your goals to find the best solution. Measurable for you.

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