May 22, 2022

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Apple patented technology to take group selfies remotely

Cinq personnes posent pour un égoportrait de groupe à table.

The United States has granted a patent to Apple for software that creates group selfies from personal photos, an invention that brings people together in the age of social isolation.

Called the “Synthetic Selfie”, this iOS device feature invites other people to a group selfie session. Each person can send a photo from their camera or library and the software can combine them to create a single image.

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Screenshot of the patent.

Photo: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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You can send an invitation to a group selfie session for your contacts.

Photo: United States Patent and Trademark Office

It is possible to personalize a group selfie for each person, for example by changing the position of the people in the photo. Users will also be able to keep a copy of their personal selfie.

Although the technology appears to have been designed specifically for the current epidemic, Apple filed for patent in 2018. It was only granted on June 2nd.

The family member can imagine other scenes where synthetic selfies can be used at a holiday dinner abroad.

Keep in mind that the existence of this patent does not promise to provide the functionality of synthetic selfies on the iPhone one day.

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