May 23, 2022

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Fox News When Donald Trump lost his place in the heart

Il s'apprête à quitter la Maison-Blanche.

In the following weeks, the outgoing president stepped up attacks on the network. Fox News I forgot what made it a success!, Mr Trump wrote on Twitter on November 12. He encouraged his supporters to turn to the channels he trusted the most: News‌max And One America News Network (Above).

I received a lot of messages from Donald Trump supporters Fox News To turn towards News‌max, Explains Correspondent John Gizzi News‌max Met at the White House.

News క్స్Max correspondent John Gizzi watched the crowd flow.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Richard

The numbers speak for themselves. Between the November 3 election and the beginning of December, the number of weekly viewers News‌max Prime-time view increased by 68%.

Network Fox News, With millions of spectators, continues to dominate, but one of its competitors was able to achieve little success. For the first time, on December 7, the host News‌max Greg Kelly had 229,000 viewers aged 25-54, while Fox’s Martha McCullum had 203,000, the first.

Controversial recipe

News‌max And OANN entered into an open breach through the conflict between Donald Trump and Fox News.

They recklessly broadcast allegations of Camp Trump giving election fraud, conspiracy theories and misinformation about the November 3 ballot.

According to the parallel universe Donald Trump did not lose the election and Joe Biden stole it. They stole it. They are thieves. It’s very, very clear. It is impossible to get more votes than anyone in the history of the weak, sick and lazy Joe Biden, Announced the host News‌max Greg Kelly last week.

Rather, News‌max The prosecution had to correct its false statements made in the air after the threats. The channel aired conspiracy theories related to the electronic voting systems of the Smartmatic and Dominion brands, alleging that votes were transferred to Joe Biden.

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There is no evidence of Dominion and Smartmatic used or reproduced software to manipulate votes in the 2020 election , Said host John Tobacco in a two-minute segment that aired News‌max December 21. Smartmatic threatens to take legal action. Chain Fox News Also broadcasts a similar withdrawal.

Behind him, we can read over a picture with the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Host Greg Kelly on Newsmax

Photo: Screenshot – Newsmax

In Newsmax, Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has faced serious backlash in court over the allegations in recent weeks.

According to the editor Columbia Journalism Review, An extension of Kyle Pope Lies Some more Misinformation Partnered by the White House under Donald Trump. This is what we have been living for four years, He points out.

Also aired by Donald Trump’s close aide, retired General Michael Flynn News‌max, Using martial law to manipulate election results in some states.

[Donald Trump] Military personnel can be used, they can be placed in key states and the new ballot can be placed there, The president said recently a former national security adviser.

Senators Rand Paul and David Perdue, plateau for elected Republicans News‌max Has become mandatory.

The passing phenomenon?

What is the future for these media companies that are well connected with Donald Trump? The question is, what is the appetite of the people to promote this kind of content?, Kyle Pope argues.

My suspicion is that his audience will still be there when President Trump leaves the White House, He adds.

Mr. Pope identified Facebook and Twitter’s programs Fight against misinformation Such as further complicating the deployment of media content News‌max And OANN.

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To mobilize his base, Donald Trump can take matters into his own hands. It is rumored that he may find his own media company, a competing network, or have his own radio show., Kyle Pope explains.

John Gizzi, d News‌max, Donald Trump is believed to carry considerable political weight. Mr. President, if you listen to me, do not think that I have ended you, He said, laughing.

Proof, for the traditional media, Donald Trump has been a key figure. His departure, in a month, allows them to measure how close their destinations are.