December 9, 2023

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Franకోois Legalt: From the Quebec defense to its certification

Franకోois Legalt: From the Quebec defense to its certification

In the history of Quebec Franంois Legalt was not a prime minister like others. Ever since he liberated us from the toxic liberal rule contrary to the historic Francophone majority, he has formed a close bond with the Quebecs.

This link was maintained during the epidemic and provided him with excellent political capital. What project will he invest in for the next two years?

The nationalist credibility of Fran యొక్కois Legalt relied heavily on Bill 21, which recognized Quebec’s break with Canadian multiculturalism and dedicated its right to its own integration model. Today it has been attacked in the worst possible way.


Legalt was also able to stand up to the media harassment campaign that sought to force him to surrender to the bizarre ideology of systemic racism.

Sure, one can blame Francois Legalt‌ a lot. For example, his focus on the language question was locked in the late 1990s. He seems to believe in the residual effect of Bill 101, but it no longer works. His decision to fund Dawson’s expansion is absurd.

Similarly, Franకోois Legalt gave an insane concession to his party’s federalist section by pursuing a massive immigration policy. Did he really make any connection between the immigration restrictions of the last twenty years and the anglicization of Montreal?

But basically, Franయిois Legalt understands the existence of the Quebec people today. Will the Francophones clearly be the majority in Quebec in the coming decades or will they only become the largest minority there?

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There is also a great taboo in contemporary Quebec, where French-speaking Cubans despise the victims of some of those who join them. It appears everywhere on social networks, among the youngest who go so far as to use the history of the Amerindians to explain that the Quebecs are not really at home here. Then why do they fit?

Let’s make this a moral issue and look at it as a sign that French-speaking Cubans are not strong enough to gain respect at home.

The Quebecs are counting on Franకోois Legalt to protect them. Even if they do not know what face to give him, they rely on him to emphasize protection.

What does he want to do with the last two years he has been ordered to follow his nationalist policy?


Previously, Franకోois Legalt was a sovereign. He gained autonomy because he believed that independence could not be achieved. When asked where he is now, he replied that the Quebeckers still do not want sovereignty.

This is true. But he, deep down, what does he really think?

If he decides to reconnect with Rene Lowesque’s great dream,

Did he persuade the Quebeckers to follow him? By 2022 I expect nothing. But if he wins the next election, how will he want to make history? I believe this question resides in him.

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