April 2, 2023

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An expensive win for Canada?

An expensive win for Canada?

Junior Team Canada may have won their first and only pre-season game back against the Russians on Wednesday night before December 26, but they may have missed one of the most important parts of their puzzle defending its title.

Edmonton won 1-0 on the ice at Rogers Place, losing to captain Kirby Dutch, who rolled to his right hand in the third period after a harmless clash with Ilia. Safonov in the neutral zone.

The Dutchman, who was borrowed by the Chicago Blackhawks to take part in the World Junior Championships, immediately held hands and retired to the locker room and never returned to the game. After the game, Canada head coach Andre Tourign had some details to share about his star player’s health condition.

“We don’t have an update yet, he needs x-rays with the doctor. As soon as we have more details, I can tell you how he is doing,” Tourigni replied via videoconference.

Tourigni also failed to verify the protocol of the bubble surrounding the player to undergo X-ray examination. Under such circumstances it is difficult to imagine that he would have to leave the safe environment, which means that his tournament is practically over due to the dangers of spreading COVID-19.

“I saw him, he’s in the clinic, he’s still here. I do not know [où il s’en va], I don’t know where the x-rays are, maybe I should know this, but I hope I’m not as a coach [qu’il ne sortira pas de la bulle]”, Admitted to Turig, who enjoyed his captaincy game before his injury.

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Assures Levi

In the positive news section, there is something in the outfit of Quebec goalkeeper Devon Levy that inspires the rest of the competition. The Montreal coach, who was calm and in front of his net, admitted to trusting him with the coaching staff, stopping 23 shots aimed at him to leave with the player of the game title.

Former Lions du Locke Saint-Louis in particular is smoking in front of Yegor Chinkhov, who appeared in front of him at full speed just five minutes before he was to go to the clock.

“I was a little scared, but I felt good quickly and the team in front of me did a good job. […] In play, he wanted to throw, and he pitched. I never thought he would have time to do a fint because the defender chased him and the defender made it easier for me to read the game, ”Levy said.

The author of the game’s only goal, Jamie Driesdale calmly applauded the Florida Panthers’ opportunity in front of his cage.

“You always want to play in front of a calm and confident goaltender, he’s the same,” said the defenseman, who is wearing a maple leaf jersey for the second year in a row.


Striker Philippe Tomasino has left Torig for this warm-up part of the calendar. The Nashville Predators will open the door to hope when the injury suffered by Captain Canada officially returns … the Canadians will face the Germans on Saturday.

Rust even for the coach

Not only was the majority on the Canadian team, Wednesday broke the ice for the first time in ages. Head coach Andre Tourign directed the traffic behind the bench for nine months.

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If players representing the Ontario League (OHL) and Western League (WHL) take advantage of this first meeting to rust from March, it could also lead to Tourigni 67 times Ottawa.

“It’s not going to happen in exactly two minutes,” he replied immediately, finding his bearings in the jacket and how long it would take to tie them behind the hungry players.

“As a coach, to have the experience of your players, to understand who to use in what situation, is something that is not done in video or in the office. You have to be behind the bench, you have to live, feel like any players can stay cool in key situations, read the game as the intensity increases, and so on. All these things were experienced in the matches, ”Turigni said a few hours before the meeting against the Russians.

287 days

Exactly 287 days have passed since the last official match of Tourigni, which can also be said to be eternal. Forward Jack Quinn of 67 vaguely recalled.

“We’re playing Niagara at TD Place, I don’t know if it’s a good game. I don’t remember much of the score, but I think we won with a good score (9 to 1), then everything stopped with constraint. But we played some serious intra-team games, so I was able to count them a bit! ”Buffalo launched the Sabers’ first round pick in 2020.

“I’m no different from the players, the last game I coached was on March 12th [NDLR : 10 mars], So if you say I’m not rusty, you know I’m a liar. I will not say I will come and I will be at the top of my game today, I will be like the players, I have to get better every day, ”said Turigni.

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