July 5, 2022

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Question for my local friends

Question for my local friends

Die cast. Image Uncomfortable Indian (Uncomfortable Indian), As I mentioned in my column on Tuesday, has just been tablet.

The National Film Board, co-producer of the feature-length documentary, put it on lockdown on Tuesday evening. If not changed, the Michelle Latimer film will not have its US premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in late January. God knows when we will broadcast.

Is this documentary biased? Does he portray the aborigines in a bad light? Did Canadian-American activist Thomas King, the novelist who inspired him, deny the adaptation that came from it? Does this film promote hateful thoughts? Is it blasphemous, destructive or obscene?

Away there. Uncomfortable Indian Won Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, Named Best Canadian Film of 2020. Since then, honors have been pouring in: the Audience Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Grand Prize at the National Feature Film Competition, and the Magnus-Isaacson Prize at the RenContres Internationals du Montreal and the Canadian documentary on December 10.

The image that reached the hand …

“The film raises awareness about the stories that indigenous creators have to tell,” the Montreal judges said. “A film that offers a perspective on society on major social issues motivates us to act …”, etc. Jesse went to the Toronto Festival not to mention the praise he received. The first Aboriginal president of the Canadian Council for the Arts, one of the film’s producers, called Michelle Latimer an extraordinary director.

Within 24 hours, the National Film Board removed everything from its website from its distribution list. Michelle Latimer’s unforgivable mistake, as we already know, has an ancestral connection with Kitigan GB’s Anishinabeg Nation, near Maniwa, Quebec, which has been denied by the Tribal Council.

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Another intriguing identity

Believing that she could get out of it, Madame Latimer asked Dominic Richat to do some research. Fortunately, two aborigines were found in Michelle’s line of self – teaching genealogy: Euphrosyne-Madeleine Nicolette, who lived in 1645 by Margaret Pigaroui! But that was not enough to cover up the affair.

Did you know that she is not the only one who has been included in Michelle Latimer’s opponents’ identity documents? The identity of the film narrator and the novelist Thomas King who inspired it is far more intriguing than that of the director. King is said to have German, Greek and Cherokee origins. The problem is, the Cherokees denied having anything to do with him. The wise writer King found one explanation: his father had two “official” families, one Greek, the other German, but a third of Cherokee origin, the other two families not known to exist. Not so easy!

In the wake of the Latimer affair, we will withdraw all of Thomas King’s books from circulation, remove him from the Order of Canada and force him to hand over the $ 30,000 RBC-Taylor prize. Won in 2014, for sure Uncomfortable Indian ?

I am asking the question.