June 28, 2022

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SpaceStation won the Gaming Rocket League Summit 2

SpaceStation won the Gaming Rocket League Summit 2

Last week, Beyond the Summit, a tournament hosted by Rocket League Summit 2, took place. The tournaments of this company are meant to be more hilarious and never fail to entertain the spectators with a high level of play in a more relaxed context. This time, it’s a slightly behind-the-scenes space station gaming with Quebec Taroko and his rogue team.

Cover photo credit: Beyond the summit

Mice play when the cat is away

Eight teams entered the race for the North American part of the event. Notably, the three best teams in the area did not attend. True, G2 Sports, NRG Sports and Team Envy did not participate in the Beyond the Summit tournament. In doing so, the defeating team became space station gaming. Being the sole representative of the podium, she had to decide the pace.

Well, she did exactly the same. Despite the final, SSG dominated its course. In the playoffs of the event, SSG beat Rogue twice and sent the Pittsburgh Knights 4-1 to the bottom of the shaft.

Still in the race

Alexander “Taroko” Reese’s pedagogy career is well underway. A week later, his team was in talks. Once again, she did well at Rocket League Summit 2. The team is achieving good results, but they are still looking for their first win.

Success in next winter’s event will be very beneficial to both their ranking and their reputation. This will strengthen their foundations in the popular pack. As already established, the stability of teams is one of the important criteria of the new format of the Rocket League Series X. It plays in favor of the Quebecs, because even if they do not have the first position, their placements are constantly topped by a good position.

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Obviously, the Rocket League Summit 2 tournament did not affect the RLCS X rankings. This is why, among other things, the three dominant teams did not attend. However, the results from last week were ignored. Before long, the only team to beat Snape was the big winner. Rogue sent to the lower shaft by the latter took Alpine Sports, United and the Pittsburgh Knights and conquered it. This effectively puts them in the top 6 of the North American teams.

Photo credit: Zionics Studios

Wonderful grand finale

Then, the final with SSG won anything but the astronauts ahead. Rogue opened strongly with two consecutive wins, bringing them into a comfortable lead. Unfortunately for Quebec and his compatriots, SSG won the next three. Time has evaporated to tell the lead they got right.

Then, at the tournament point, the rogue had one of the most exciting parts of the entire tournament. Tied one at a time, the teams spent more than a minute in overtime. On a pass from Toronturo’s roof, the first killer was able to push the ball into the back of the net. Although Snape’s speed improved in later games, Snape did not have the vision to bring a bracket reset. Despite this second place, Quebec proved that his team can stand out better.

The competing Rocket League scenario takes a break during the holidays. So Rocket League Summit 2 ended the year 2020 for this sport. The third regional winter event will take place in late January 2021, with the main “split” tournament yet to take place.

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