June 30, 2022

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“The” Christmas or “The” Christmas?

Guy Bertrand, the first language consultant on Radio-Canada, we always say Merry Christmas and not Merry Christmas. In some cases, using the article is also appropriate The Before Christmas, the linguist makes subtle. We say “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” for example, Explains Guy Bertrand.

Guy Bertrand, Radio-Canada’s first language consultant

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mary-Ow Soutier

In Europe, he adds, is the use of the article The This is allowed even before the common name of Christmas when designating a gift to offer at Christmas.

In this case, Noel is written in lower case and can be written in the plural form. I can say I brought you a little Christmas or I brought you a little Christmas

Guy Bertrand

The common name Christmas also refers to the Christmas carol. In this case, the use of the article The It is also accepted, referring to Guy Bertrand‌. This is how we talk about an English Christmas.

Noel also accepted female gender It is through the singular exact article without the singular. By the long story of “dinner” we can say Christmas (dinner), Office quotes about the website of the Cubacois de la Long franchise. Experts agree to talk about this The Christmas is less and less heard, but not wrong. In some parts of the world, such as Haiti, people generally use the feminine gender to refer to Christmas.

Robbie Joseph in front of the camera

Sudburois Robbie Joseph

Photo: Robbie Joseph’s private collection

In Haiti, where I grew up, I never heard of Christmas. It’s always Christmas. We sing ” Law ” Christmas, we talk about Christmas. But by saying “Christmas” we mean a Christmas party.

Robbie Joseph and Sudburois were originally from Haiti.

Sudburois argues that it is difficult to use the term Christmas without a definite article The. I always say that today is Christmas, He he said.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, naming the celebration is up to everyone, said Ontario Eli Kabeya Mfwamba. There are those who say Christmas, there are those who say Christmas. And there is no such real problem, He he said.