May 21, 2022

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Damon Gaming, new partner, new name

Damon Gaming, new partner, new name

Following the recent termination of its partnership with KIA Motors, Damowan Gaming has changed its name to DWG KIA.

Rebranding in terms

On November 2, after several weeks of discussions, evaluations and interviews, the riot games finally unveiled the list of 10 teams selected for the franchise league. All of these companies made the first initial payment on October 30 to “confirm” their location and next year’s participation. As a reminder, it would cost $ 8.8 million to purchase a slot for a team already in the league and the payment would extend over 5 years; For non-league teams, the deal is .5 10.5 million.

Such investment in the acquisition of this slot, not counting on updating the infrastructure, has forced some companies to invite new partners into their circle, recalling that new partnership agreements prompted some teams to review; In recent weeks, we have learned that Sandbox Boxing has changed its name to Live Sandbox after partnering with KB Kukmin Bank (one of the largest banks in South Korea), later partnered with Korea Yacult (Korean Food Company), a brand owned by the Korean Nangshim (Korean food company) Team Dynamics was renamed the Nangshim Red Force (or NS Red Force) after partnering with the company. Food & Pania).

Following the signing of an important partnership agreement with the KIA Motors brand, we now learn that Damowan Gaming, the Summer Split Champion and 2020 League of Legends World Champion, will officially develop under the DWG KIA name. Of course, the financial terms and duration of the contract have not been disclosed and this name change should lead to a change in the logo, Crest‌, which will be revealed very soon.

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