May 20, 2022

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Fake cancer from the bride and gets up to 5 months in prison

Fake cancer from the bride and gets up to 5 months in prison

A bride who wants to financially support her dream wedding through fake cancer will instead go to jail for five months, Report it New York Post.

Tony Standen, a 29-year-old British man, said in July 2017 that she had only two months to live and that the disease had spread “to the brain, to the bones – everywhere.”

To give credence to her comedy, she shaved her hair and educated her friends well so that they would not doubt her words. Such as local newspapers Liverpool Eco, Gave him interviews, helped to increase sympathy, which allowed him to raise $ 11,000.

“Every thoughtful member of the community is appalled by your behavior,” Judge Nicholas Saunders told Standen‌ when sentencing in Chester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

“Fortunately, this court often does not have to convict someone who is shameless, such greed or who betrayed the friendship you have earned for your friends,” the Chester court magistrate added.

Standen’s friends have created a page on the GoFund‌me site to give the couple “the marriage they deserve”. The donations allowed the woman and her 52-year-old partner to exchange wedding rings last summer and honeymoon elsewhere in Turkey.

When she “challenged her condition” to tour Europe, the artist ‘s friends began to question her health status. She later claimed to have contracted Kovid-19.

Two comrades confronted the woman on the phone and at the same time she confessed and lied. She wrote to them, “I am distressed, distressed, and at present I am distressed.”

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Oddly enough, Standen’s husband knew about his Shenanigans on an equal footing with others.

“I do not know if Jim and I are going to get divorced, I’m not blaming him if he does that and I’m not blaming you if it’s over – apparently – he’s not in the game.

In addition to his sentence, Standen must repay 7,700 to the businessman who donated this amount to him.

“Because of your lack of shame you have continued to take other people’s money for many, many months,” Judge Standeno said.